Ring of Honor June 2 Newswire

-The windup for “Best In The World 2011” on Sunday afternoon, June 26th is signed, sealed, and will undoubtedly deliver. The Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC will host the main event that everyone has been waiting for, ROH World Champion Eddie Edwards will defend against Davey Richards to determine who is the best wrestler in the world today. These two gladiators have held the ROH Tag Team Championships together in the past and have stood side-by-side as close as brothers for many years. Davey’s ultimate goal has always been to capture the ROH World Title but at “Manhattan Mayhem IV” Edwards shocked the world and captured the championship from Roderick Strong catching everyone off guard. After Davey was defeated in his last opportunity to capture the gold at “Final Battle 2010” he became determined to get his body and mind into the best fighting shape of his life on his way to finally claiming the ROH World Title. His desire to be the best has led him to train in various disciplines and fighting styles, and despite ROH management believing he deserved a title match months ago, Davey stated that he will tell ROH officials when he is ready for that Title rematch. Recently at “Supercard of Honor VI”, Edwards fell victim to an assault by The House of Truth in which Richards was there to help his partner but was surprisingly met with disgruntlement from Eddie Edwards. After the assault, Edwards told Davey he needed to stand on his own as the champion; that more than anything Eddie needed to face Richards for the ROH World Title to get rid of the doubts about whether or not he could beat Davey, and if Richards refused, Eddie would quit ROH on the spot. Davey reluctantly accepted the challenge with a handshake, and walked away. Before “Manhattan Mayhem IV” Davey always assumed he could be in there fighting for the title against anyone from Strong to Daniels but he never factored Eddie in. He never saw it coming just like everyone else. The match is now set in stone and Richards must now refocus his game plan and try to take the belt from a man that he loves in a battle to see who truly is the best wrestler in the world! It will be an incredible afternoon that will be broadcast LIVE on iPPV courtesy of GoFightLive.TV! Tickets are on sale now in the ROH Online Store starting at $10 each, (http://www.rohstore.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=507), and check out http://www.gfl.tv/Events/Fight/Wrestling/ROH__Best_of_the_World_2011/1052 for details on the iPPV broadcast!

– Speaking of Davey Richards, the upcoming challenger for the ROH World Title is currently in Japan competing in New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Best of the Super Jr. Tournament and is off to a great start. Richards began the tournament pinning Prince Devitt in Tokyo and is tied for first place in the A Block with 4 points. We will continue to update you on Richards’ progress as the tournament goes on.

– And in other “Best In The World 2011” news, it was announced earlier today at ROHWrestling.com (http://www.rohwrestling.com/news/just-who-is-the-best-tag-team-in-the-world/) that ROH World Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin will defend the belts on June 26th against The Kings of Wrestling, Jay & Mark Briscoe, AND The All Night Express in a Four Way Elimination Bout! How will Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team fare when three other teams come after their belts? Keep an eye out for an upcoming Video Wire to get there thoughts on this battle to see who the best in tag team wrestling is!

-Many e-mails have been sent to the ROH office in regards to Jimmy Jacobs after this video aired yesterday on ROHWrestling.com. In an almost universally positive response from the ROH faithful, the fans want to see Jacobs allowed back into ROH as Steve Corino’s support system. The opinion on the other end of the spectrum is quite different however as Jacobs appearance at “Supercard of Honor VI” was met with a universally negative response from ROH wrestlers and staff. It is no secret that Jimmy Jacobs has done irreversible mental and physical damage in the past to countless individuals, including many that are in ROH today. Is there anyway possible that this man will be accepted back in no matter how much he claims to have changed?

– Get your tickets now for Ring of Honor’s first ever SBG television taping on August 13th, 2011 originating from the Frontier Fieldhouse in Chicago Ridge, IL. With the announcement of the sale to the Sinclair Broadcast Group, the month of September will see the debut of the new Ring of Honor television program which will be syndicated across the Sinclair network of stations, and with it, ROH will become the only wrestling promotion in the United States with a major, multi-market presence on broadcast TV. We promise to produce a first rate card from top-to-bottom that will make you proud to be an ROH fan. Go out of your way to make it to Chicago Ridge on August 13th to support us and show the world why Ring of Honor is the best wrestling promotion on the planet with the greatest fans. When this event is delivered on television across the USA and on the internet you will want to say that you experienced this historic event LIVE and in person. Tickets are now available in the ROH Online Store (http://www.rohstore.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=201) and once the main events are announced we expect tickets to sell very quickly.

– On the heels of having legal papers served to Homicide, The Embassy’s Barrister, RD Evans, had a special message to deliver to “The Notorious 187”…

– Expect a few more wrestlers to sign on for “Best In The World 2011” in the coming weeks.

– We now know two of the three ROH Title matches on tap for “Best In The World 2011” and can expect an announcement regarding the ROH World TV Title next Tuesday. Current champion Christopher Daniels has been on edge of late at the thought of putting his belt on the line and on 6/26 he will have to face the inevitable whether it is against Colt Cabana, El Generico, Mike Bennett, Homicide or anybody that ROH officials deem creditable of the opportunity.

– Check back on Friday morning for a new sale promotion exclusively at ROHWrestling.com!!!

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