Spoiler Warnings: What Is The State Of The Green Lantern Corps In Flashpoint?

Well, for one thing, Atrocitus murdered William Hand on Earth years ago; the same incident prevented by Hal and Sinestro during Secret Origin. The death of the would be Black Hand gave rise to Nekron and his army of Black Lanterns, years before the War of Light had a chance to happen. The Black Lanterns have been cutting a path across the universe, taking it sector by sector for their master. Even Kilowog has fallen.

The Guardians have assigned Abin Sur, the Lantern of Sector 2814, to secure the most valuable thing in existence before Nekron can locate and destroy it. The Entity at the center of the Earth, the Entity of the White Lantern. They want to safeguard it on Oa, where they can protect it, as they find Earth to be a lost cause.

Meanwhile, Sinestro has gone to Ysmault to ask the prisoner, Atrocitus, about the Prophecy of the Flashpoint as a way to regain order. Sinestro sounding more like his familiar “Dictator of Fear” self, and Atrocitus….dressed as a Red Lantern.

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