The Weekly Wishlist: X-Men First Class

Wow, we made it to week 2 of the Weekly Wishlist! After the very positive feedback we received, we are now jumping away from the sports genre of figures, and let’s hit up a category that is very big this year, comic book figures!

This year is huge with 4 comic book movies, with Marvel owning 3 of them (Thor, Captain America & X-Men: First Class). While the first 2 there will have an entire like of action figures & role play products released, X-Men has fallen short. So far, all we have seen is a pair of Comic 2-Packs (Jean Grey/Cyclops & Sabertooth/Wolverine). While we shouldn’t be begging for a ton more, I feel like a stand-alone X-Men Classics like should be in order.

This is something that we have had a couple times now, with Toybiz doing a 4-assortment Marvel Legends style line back in 2005/2006, which gave us an amazing Archangel, the only 6″ Avalanche, the Jim Lee/Animated style Cyclops and 3 of the 4 Ultimate X-Men to-date (Iceman, Sabertooth & Nightcrawler…and boy, do I love Ultimate). Along with all the various X-Men characters that have been released through the Marvel Legends line.

Hasbro has released a X-Men movie like of Marvel Legends style figures back with X-Men 3. However the real effort was released alongside the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie back in 2009. This line was released alongside the first assortments of, the now main Marvel line, Marvel Universe. The comic versions of this line worked along the lines of the characters of Weapon X, as well as having basic X-Men figures like Cyclops & Colossus. I believe I am one of the few that actually enjoyed this line, probably due to how bad the movie versions of the figures where. Along with this, there was another line based on the animated Wolverine & The X-Men series all at the same time. I believe the X-Men overload in early 2009 with both those lines is a big reason why we do not see a full line of X-Men figures along with the new movie…along with Thor & Captain America lines taking up the Marvel space on the pegs this summer.

Now, when I think Marvel action figures, Marvel Legends is still my first thought. However, I am not naive to the fact that Hasbro, who currently has the master Marvel license, would make these in 6″ scale, so we will be looking at this in 3 ¾” scale.

Hasbro releases Marvel Universe figures in waves of 5 figures, along with comic 2-packs. So, what we will do, we’ll sort out 3 different assortments of single figures, as well as a look at 4 different comic 2-packs.

X-Men Classics Wave 1
-Beast (with Dark Beast variant)
-The Blob

X-Men Classics Wave 2
-Angel Salvadore
-Magneto (with no-helmet variant)

X-Men Classics Wave 3
-Mr. Sinister
-Jean Grey
-Magma (with all magma’d variant)

Ultimate X-Men Comic 2-Packs
-Iceman & Rouge
-Wolverine & Shadowcat
-Colossus & Nightcrawler
-Cyclops & Marvel Girl

Let’s break down each assortment.

Wave 1: Let’s not fool anyway, Wolverine would be #1 an any new X-Men assortment, so let’s just get that out of the way. Storm would be an easy repaint from the current Giant Sized X-Men box set. Can you believe there is no MU style comic Beast yet? Crazy right? Here is a good chance to get him out, as well as a VERY easy repaint for a Dark Beast variant. Blob would have to be a new figure, unless they can figure out a way to rework the one from the X-Men Origins 2-Pack that had a throwing feature. Jubilee has always been a sore spot for me, as I have wanted a figure of here in Marvel Legends style figure of her for years, so she was a definite for this series for me.

Wave 2: Magneto & Juggernaut are great repaints for this set, and a No-Helmet version of Magneto would be a nice little change up. Salvadore would be in the assortment due to being in the movie, though use the comic version. I love Dazzler, and any figure of her’s would be welcomed. Cyclops can also be a repaint, but with that nice looking Messiah Complex black hooded costume.

Wave 3: Jean needs to be the animated version, story over. Sinister is long overdue for a MU style figure. Magma is this wave’s odd female (behind Jubilee & Dazzler), but can have a human and magma version. Quicksilver is a nice villain to add to the assortment & Gambit can be a repaint of the X-Men Origins version, but I fell like an addition of a soft goods trench coat would be a nice treat.

Comic Packs: OK, I love Ultimate, and I think this would be the best way to get some Ultimate style figures out with regularity. The pairings make sense, if you’ve read any Ultimate X-Men.

There we go, 2nd week down. Let us know how we did, and make sure you check in next week when we take a look at our first run at a WWE line, when we make out Weekly Wishlist on WWE WrestleMania 27.

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