Bionic Woman Season 2 DVD In Stores Now & Season 3 Expected By Christmas 2011

Following my early prediction that the Bionic Woman Season 2 DVD would be released in April/May 2011 and Season 3 would be in November/December 2011, came the official announcement of the Bionic Woman Season 2 DVD release for May 2011. It’s on shelves now! My wife is a convert and we’re on the last disc! It’s quite a human series with Lindsay Wagner a strong lead.

While the Season 3 DVD set hasn’t been announced, I’m sticking by my prediction that it will hit shelves for this Christmas season! Could be as early as October, like in 2010 with the Season 1 DVD set.

Also, don’t forget, that we have new Bionic Woman and Bionic Man comics hitting stands first with Colonel Steve Austin this August. Jamie Sommers hits stands in 2012.

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