Breaking Down The Ultimate Finale 13 – Ramsey Nijem vs Tony Ferguson

Matthew Schuerman takes a look at tonight’s TUF 13 Finale; Team Dos Santos’ Ramsey Nijem and Team Lesnar’s Tony Ferguson.

Ramsey “Stripper” Nijem The more skilled fighter out of the two. He is also the most charismatic fighter in the house, always showing off his funny side of his personality. He has a wrestling base, but is also a very talented striker as evidenced by his TKO of Chris Cope on the series finale. Although this was a nice dismantling with strikes, a quick look at his past fights, on the show and off, have shown a penchant for submissions. He is quite prone to rear nakeds and armbars, and these are the two that Ferguson should look out for the most. Nijem has also shown one thing that Ferguson has not: the heart of a champion. He has battled back from adversity in life and on the show, and is truly a gentlemen’s fighter.

Tony “El Cucuy”  Ferguson FOR THE MOST PART, a one trick pony. His striking is his bread and butter, but man is he great at it. Most of his victories, save for 3 (out of 10 wins) were by TKO or straight knockout. He has not shown a willingness to work on the ground throughout the season, and it will show in this fight with Nijem. Ferguson also had a famous moment on this year’s show. He made a quip about Charlie Rader’s probelms seeing his child, which enraged his fellow housemates

Nijem vs Ferguson – Many fans will want to root for Nijem in the worst way, but if you’ve watched his stand up in previous fights, you’ll notice how he keeps his hands down and leaves himself open when he swings. Look for Ferguson to take advantage of this and finish the fight in quick fashion.



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