10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown 06.03.2011 – Christian, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan

Reviewing the 6/3/11 episode of Friday Night Smackdown…

1. Even the WWE promo guy seems like he was bagging on Christian at the start of the program seemingly voicing the disappointment of what Christian must be feeling after losing twice to Orton after winning the World title and losing last week in the #1 Contenders triple threat Match.

2. Why is Alex Riley in the Smackdown Green Day intro? His only appearance since he was drafted was being RKO’ed on the Post-Draft Smackdown never to be seen again. I still wonder why the Smackdown brand does not receive compensation for Riley being allowed to stay on RAW.

3. Hmm, even though Christian can’t count(5 count, not 6 count during the recap), he does have a pretty good beef with Teddy Long. Long could have given Christian a match against the winner of the Randy Orton vs. Sheamus match. Instead he peculiarly makes Christian the referee for that match. Of course as usual, maybe not the greatest move in the world if you wanted a fair match, Teddy.

4. Rosa Mendes gets hotter every time I see her. This week she managed the tag team of Alicia Fox and Tamina to victory over Natalya’s proteges Kaitlyn and AJ. I don’t know what Natalya is teaching the NXT girls, but it isn’t how to win. At this rate there is bound to be dissension in their ranks. But hopefully Natalya will be in action next week to show them how to capture a win.

5. I’m still wondering if Hornswoggle isn’t under the ring pushing out a trampoline in time, does Sin Cara send out his trampoline crew before he runs out to make a save then?

6. With a count out victory for Ezekiel Jackson over Wade Barrett it seemed like WWE was trying really hard not to do another DQ loss for The Corre, but it really amounted to the same result as The Corre either beats up Zeke or gets beat up by him as they did this week. Strangely Barrett just walked away from his fellow Corre members after sending them to get beat up by Zeke.

7. The Johnny Curtis segment was beyond odd. At least they addressed what was promised to him after winning NXT, but to be honest, I have no clue who he was let alone the point of the segment since it was just strange. He should be happy he’s on Smackdown over Raw since if he did appear, he’d get thrashed by R-Truth and sent back down. Speaking of Truth, the video package from Raw was very well done and although I missed Raw, it brought me up to speed a little bit more on the evolution of R-Truth. I like what they are doing with him right now.

8.  Line Of the Night:

a. Referencing Daniel Bryan’s humiliation at the hands of Cody Rhodes last week

Michael Cole – “Daniel Bryan gives a new definition to the word ‘Paper Bag Man’.”

9. Match of the Night:

Daniel Bryan vs. Ted Dibiase

The pure value in Daniel Bryan as a WWE competitor is the ability to get excellent matches out of his opponents. The fact that Ted Dibiase ran with Bryan proves his value and potential, too. The good thing is that Dibiase is relevant again teaming up/pairing up with Cody Rhodes in attacks such as the one on Daniel Bryan after the match, which was broken up by Sin Cara. As far as Bryan goes, if I had to pick one reason to sell somebody on watching Smackdown right now, it would be to watch Bryan’s matches. When given time like they seem to be doing on Smackdown, he will not fail to impress as he did again this week.

10. Final Show Thoughts:

Jinder Mahal debuted with a victory over Yoshi Tatsu. Mahal looks to be in good shape and a slow build with the Great Khali by his side should help. Christian seemingly turned heel with his attack on Randy Orton with the title belt after helping him defeat Sheamus. Sheamus accidentally hit Christian with a shoulder bump which caused Christian to wince on a seemingly easy 3 count for Sheamus after he hit his Brogue kick on Orton. After that Sheamus confronted Christian which distracted Sheamus long enough for Randy to hit the RKO and then Christian counted 1-2-3 just fine after that. Now I don’t know if this will turn Sheamus face to go with Christian turning heel, but Sheamus definitely has a beef with Christian. It’s all in how they book it next week. Speaking of next week, I may have to take this time to thank all the readers of this column since I took over writing. I’m not 100% sure if this is my last Smackdown column due to time and other commitments, but if it is, I personally thank Matthew Michaels for the opportunity and wish the next writer the best of luck in taking over. It’s been a fun ride and I thoroughly enjoyed writing the column. Thank you.

Show MVP:


Big victory over Mark Henry and was very instrumental in Sheamus losing as well as putting himself at the top of the heap for Randy Orton’s World title by attacking the Champion to a chorus of boos thus more than likely making him officially a heel now. Should amount to a fresh run for Captain Charisma.

That is all.

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