Pulse Wrestling Recap: WWE Tough Enough, 06.06.2011

This is it. The last episode where we learn who gets to be tough enough. Lets get started shall we? As always we start with a look back and are reminded about injuries that have happened in the competition that have taken people out. Andy’s breakdown is also covered. As we get last week’s show, Luke gets complements and Jeremiah is finally eliminated. And then there were two, Luke and Andy.

After the song, we start out in Tampa, which happens to be Andy’s hometown. We get to see Andy spend some time with the family, doing dishes, and taking his daughter to the park. Andy tells the camera that the WWE contract could be the potential to give his family a better life. Andy’s wife asks him how he feels about being in the final two with Luke. Andy tells her that Luke isn’t in the same league as him. Andy tells the camera that Lauren (his wife) is a trainer and has been working with him while he has been at home.  As Andy packs up and gives his wife and daughter a kiss goodbye, he tells the camera that he is ready for the challenge. There’s not a shadow of doubt in his mind.

Meanwhile in Auburn, Maine, we take a look in with Luke. Luke says that since he got home from Tough Enough, it’s been one big party. He calls him and his friends “redneck rock stars” and says they know how to party hard. Like Andy, we get a look at Luke’s training session now that he has left the Tough Enough compound. Unlike Andy however, Luke has access to a ring, where he can take some time to spar and go over things.  Like Andy he says that there is no doubt in his mind that the WWE contract is as good as his. Luke’s friends ask him how he feels about going up against Andy. Luke says that Andy is good but the reason that he (Luke) is going to win is the fact that he is a perfect storm and is “race ready.” As Luke packs up, he tells the camera that everyone has allowed him to peruse his dream. He tells his mom goodbye, and begins to break down in tears before leaving, thanking her for believing in him.

Back from commercials, were in Florida at FCW. Bill is in the ring waiting for the two with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Bill explains that for the week, the two of them will be training with Ricky causing Andy to say to the camera “That is special, the things he has done are second to none.” WE get a rundown of Ricky’s highlight reel. Ricky goes through a list of successful WWE superstars that FCW helped to train including Del Rio, Sheamus, and Wade Barrett.  He says that between the two of them, he hopes that at least one will be able to join those names. Bill says that after a week of training, the two contestants will each have a match live. And in case they are wondering who their opponent is going to be for their live match, the answer is Bill. Luke tells the camera, that Bill is undoubtedly one of the toughest guys in the business but another part of him is excited to finally get a go at Bill. Bill meanwhile says that their performance will be judged and the winner would be announced live on Raw. Training starts now.

Once the two are with Ricky, the first thing he does is put them in the ring with each other. Ricky’s analysis is that Andy is a big guy and has good cardio but he worries that Andy seems to be blowing by some things and needs to slow down at points. Luke on the other hand, has a lot of quickness, but he will have to take some risks when he goes up against the much bigger Bill. Andy and Luke also take some time talking to the camera about their opponent. Andy calls Luke a weasel, and says that he hopes he never has to see him again after the competition. Luke says that Andy lacks his cockiness, which is going to be Luke’s advantage.  Ricky tells the camera that when it comes to the moment in the ring. They are the only ones that know what to do in the moment.

Back from commercial, Andy and Luke both talk about their upcoming match. Andy says that he has a bit of fight or flight syndrome, but unfortunately for Luke, he not running nowhere. Time to go through Bill for the contract. Luke says that he wants this because when he looks in the mirror, he sees a WWE superstar. Meanwhile, outside there is a crowd around the ring and, Bill is introduced to the audience. Bill says that neither contestant has met Bill in the ring yet. One of them is going to have to go through him to get their spot and he’s just not ready to give up his spot next. First up is Luke, then Andy, who says that his whole life is building to this moment. We get a montage of both Luke’s and Andy’s matches against bill set to the Tough Enough Theme song. Both potential stars show off impressive in ring skills including at least one jump from the top of the rope each. The fights end with Bill shaking the hands of his competitor, and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat congratulating them.

Back in the locker room, Bill comes in with Booker T, who asks the contestants if they did their best tonight. Andy says yet, but Luke says he feels like he could have done better.  Booker tells them both that they did a good job, and they should give themselves a pat on the back for their in ring work tonight. Andy and Luke shake hands with each other as well as with Bill and Booker T. Bill tells the two contestants that after Steve Austin and the WWE executives talk we will see them live on Raw to learn the winner. Booker and Bill wish them luck before leaving. Both Andy and Luke tell the camera that its up to Stone Cold and the WWE executives to decide their fate now.

We go to commercial and come back on Raw were the WWE Tough Enough trainers are introduced. They walk to the ring and Bill asks the audience what’s up? He reminds us that tonight’s the night ad we are going to crown a Tough Enough champion, but before that happens, its time to introduce the eliminated contestants. The twelve that he saw get eliminated come out as Lawler calls the walk down the ramp almost to be a walk of shame.  Bill goes down the list of contestants as the crowd cheers and boos various contestants. Jeremiah and Martin get the biggest cheers from the crowd. Then the two final contestants are introduced. First up is Andy who is wearing a Silent Rage shirt. Luke comes next who Cole describes as a self-professed party boy.  Booker once again congratulates the two and then introduces Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stone Cold comes out and grabs his usual beer before getting a microphone. First Steve asks for a round of applause for all of the contestants as well as a “Hell Yea!” Steve calls it an amazing journey. He thanks Bill, Trish and Booker T, for helping him out in the training. Stone asks the trainers for their final thoughts before making his decision. Bill is up first and he says that both have made it through a lot of obstacles, but if he had to pick one right now, it would be Andy. Trish is next and she also complements both and says that she is glad that Steve has to make the final decision instead of her, before picking Andy. Booker is last and he says Luke has a hell of a future in the business, but says that Andy has the IT factor. Finally Stone Cold turns to Luke and asks him what he thinks about Andy. Luke says that He has shown up every day and Andy simply hasn’t. Turning to Andy, Stone Cold gives him free rein over Luke. Andy calls people in the ring real athletes, and says that Luke has no business being among them. We are intruded with Mr. McMahon arriving by limo. Stone yells at him through the giant screen to get down to the ring.

Back again, Mr. McMahon enters and comes down to the ring. Once in the ring, Vince first tries to give Stone Cold a big hug, but Stone threatens him with a stunner, saying that you don’t need to be hugging on national television. Vince then turned to the contestants and asked them what makes them think they should stand in the same ring that greats such as Michaels, Andre the Giant, and Sgt. Slaughter stood in. He even included Stone Cold in his list. Andy is up first but after saying guaren-damn-tee Vince moves on to Luke who says Love him or hate him, you will never forget him. Vice returns to Andy and asks if he is nervous. Andy says no, because he knows that he has already won. Vince then says that he has more or less made up his mind at this point about whom he was going to pick, but this prompts Stone Cold to pipe in and remind him that Tough Enough is his show, and that he is going to pick the winner. Vince steps aside and lets Stone Cold pick, but first suggests that a drum roll be used for the decision. A drum roll starts up and Stone stares down the two for a long time before declaring the winner of Tough Enough, because he said so to be……ANDY!!!

Stone and Vince both shake Luke’s hand before Stone takes away his belt. After Luke leaves, Vince offers Andy a welcome to the WWE before slapping him in the face. Stone Cold helps Andy back up and says congratulations before hitting Andy with a Stunner that knocks him out of the ring. Welcome to the WWE, Andy. That’s the bottom line cause, everybody in the audience now, Stone Cold said so! More beers are thrown into the ring and we end Tough Enough with a final handshake from Stone Cold to Andy, Andy stumbling away, and Raw starts up with Stone Cold and Mr. McMahon in the ring.


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