DC Comics Relaunch: Third JUSTICE LEAGUE Title Announced And More Darkness

Five (5) more books announced today. Well, so far this a.m. 🙂

We’re up to 31 books now.


JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK – What DC terms “a band of supernatural heroes” — John Constantine, Deadman, Shade the Changing Man and Madame Xanadu (wouldn’t it be cool if they really were supposed to be a band?) – written by Peter Milligan.

SWAMP THING – Scott Snyder, who’s been doing such strong work on American Vampire, will write a new version of Swamp Thing.

ANIMAL MAN – Jeff Lemire, author of one of comics’ finest current books, Sweet Tooth, is taking on Animal Man.

DEMON KNIGHTS – Super-heroism set in medieval times… written by Paul Cornell.

FRANKENSTEIN, AGENT OF SHADE – The writer is again Jeff Lemire, taking the Frankenstein monster and turning him/it into an action hero alongside other fictional monsters in the service of a government organization: The Super Human Advanced Defense Executive.

Interesting. DC is certainly trying to add a different vibe to the DC Universe. This looks to be their supernatural corner.


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Source: Entertainment Weekly