Kevin Smith’s The Secret Stash To Enter Reality TV World

With Red State on the horizon, and his directing career now careening towards a finale with Hit Somebody, Kevin Smith is venturing into other projects. One of them is going to be reality television with The Secret Stash, which just posted an open casting call on Facebook to take place at Smith’s comic book store in New Jersey.

Entertainment Weekly has an interesting write up on it as well. Apparently the show is going to run on AMC, the home of Mad Men and others.

What does this mean? If you’re a comic book geek in the New Jersey area, now you have your shot to join Smith’s version of Jersey Shore. Instead of Italian-American stereotypes from New York acting like clowns it’ll be with comic books … think more the skinny, pale type as opposed to the overly tanned, steroid-enhanced six packs of guys with self-appointed nicknames that somehow reference their genitals.

Smith certainly is keeping himself busy and the show appears at a minimum to have “train wreck” written all over it, but we shall see.

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