Wednesday Comments – The DC Comics Relaunch Speculation Continues

I’m sure that by the time this posts, DC will have announced another (and possibly the final) batch of new titles hitting the stands this September. But as I write this here are the 34 titles that have been officially announced;

Justice League
Wonder Woman
The Flash
The Fury of Firestorm
Green Arrow
Justice League International
Mister Terrific
Captain Atom
DC Universe Presents
The Savage Hawkman
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern: The New Guardians
Red Lanterns
Detective Comics
Batman & Robin
Batman: The Dark Knight
Birds of Prey
Red Hood and the Outlaws
Swamp Thing
Animal Man
Justice League Dark
Demon Knights
Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE
Resurrection Man
I, Vampire

It’s a pretty impressive and diverse list. I’m going to save my commentary and thoughts until we have a complete list. So expect that column in a few weeks.

Anyway, that’s only 34 titles, which leaves 18 books yet to be announced. However there are some sure thing titles that I think we can all pencil in.

Action Comics – This was one of the first announcements, so we know that Action Comcis #1 is on the way.

Superman – Ditto. We know he’s going to have his own solo book.

– There are rumblings that these books will return and the characters are pretty popular.

Static – Wildstorm has gotten an announcement, but Milestone has yet to make an apperance. Bold proclamations about DCU being more “diverse” along with his former role in Teen Titans makes me think that Static will get his own title. Plus he had a solo title pushed back, so there’s that.

Teen Titans
Justice Society of America
– These two books are two of DC’s most recognizable teams. You sort of have to expect them to get new books in September. (Also, I’m betting Teen Titans will have at least one member of Gen 13 and someone from the Milestone Universe and probably the new Aqualad.)

Legion of Super-Heroes
Legion Lost
– Bleeding Cool is alleging that the Legion will have two titles in September. Given that DnA wrote have a history with the Legion and they’ve already returned to one of their DCU books, I don’t doubt that DC will have them back on this franchise.

That’s 43 titles, 34 announced and 9 relatively sure things.

That leaves 9 additional titles to bring us to 52. Now before I delve into what I’m thinking will be announced, I’ll explain my reasoning. Up to this point, titles have been announced in groups that had connections. For instance you had the Green Lantern titles and the Batman family books. You have the main DCU titles and the sort of supernatural fringe DCU books.

So with 18 books (the nine I’m pretty sure are going to be announced and the 9 I’m totally guessing on), I’m guessing that will fall into three categories; 1) Superman family books 2) Team Books and 3) Relative Curveballs.

I think the Super announcement is going to be the aforementioned Superman, Action Comics, Superboy, Supegirl and Lois Lane. I think she’ll add to the “diversity” angle DC seems to be pushing and she’s really the only other character in Superman family that can hold their own title. (Maybe it’ll be Steel, but I’m betting on Lois.)

That gives the Superman family five books, which is respectable.

For the team books, along with the speculated Teen Titans, Justice Society, Legion of Super-heroes and Legion Lost, I’m guessing that either Stormwatch or Checkmate will get a title. Checkmate has Max Lord going for it, but Stormwatch has the lack of Wildstorm titles in it’s corner. If I had to guess, I’d go with Stormwatch.

I also think there will be a Villain centric team title. John Babos has speculated it’ll be Secret Six or Suicide Squad. I think it may be another Deathstroke lead team like Titans. Maybe Villain Unlimited? I just refuse to believe that DC wouldn’t fill the (presumed) void of Secret Six, with something. I’m going for Secret Society of Super-Villains, given DC’s been dusting off former titles recently. (Though given Amanda Waller’s role in the big sceen DCU it may really be Suicide Squad.)

So that leaves 6 titles as “curveballs” these are books that could be anyone’s guess and I’ve really got no clue what to expect.

Who’s Who – Who’s Who was the book that really clued me in on the importance of Flashpoint, so I’m sticking to my guns and guessing that I’ll come out in September.

Wednesday Comics – I’m betting that DC is going to really want to drive people into the comic shops and the return of this critically acclaimed weekly would be one way of doing it. If people go in a weekly basis, they’ll be more likely to try out new #1 issues. Plus, it might get some of the love back from the retailers after DC’s digital stance left them cold. (And I know that strictly speaking this isn’t a “DCU” book, but I think it’ll count.)

New Gods – The New Gods have been dead for a couple years now and DC was taking pitches from creators. I’m guessing that DC heard a pitch they liked and that the “Fourth World” characters will see a return in September.

Shazam – Speaking of returns, it’s been awhile since DC has done anything memorable with Captain Marvel, and again people have been pitching. I expect Captain Marvel to capitalize off of the Flashpoint buzz and get his own title again.

OMAC – Ok, this one was already rumored and I’m going along with it.

Adventure Comics – I’m really drawing a blank. I wanted to go with My Greatest Adventure, but I’m positive that DC is going to bring that back in October not September. I see Adventure Comics as being a home for J’onn and Ray Palmer. I guess. I’m really just grasping at straws.

So to recap these are the books that I’m expected to see launch in September.

Action Comics (sure thing)
Superman (sure thing)
Supergirl (sure thing)
Superboy (sure thing)
Lois Lane (Mathan Pick)
Teen Titans (sure thing)
Legion of Super-Heroes (sure thing)
Legion Lost (rumored)
Justice Society of America (sure thing)
Stormwatch (Mathan Pick)
Secret Society of Super-Villains (Mathan Pick)
Who’s Who (Mathan Pick)
Wednesdy Comics (Mathan Pick)
New Gods (Mathan Pick)
Shazam (Mathan Pick)
OMAC (rumored)
Adventure Comics (Mathan Pick)
Static (sure thing)

I’ll see you next week, when hopefully the dust will have settled.

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