DC Comics Relaunch: All 54 – Not 52 – Books Locked Up & JUSTICE SOCIETY Shut Out Or More #1’s In October?

UPDATED: With all the books announced by DC or a creator and expected announcements after September 2011.

Also, check out which books made it on to my list of the Top 19 DC Comics Relaunch titles.

Ok, let’s start at beginning before we touch on today.

So, it would appear that DC’s initial announcement touted 52 new #1’s in September 2011.

Here’s what DC said:

“DC Comics will be making history this September. We’ll be renumbering the entire DC Universe line of comic books with 52 first issues. We’re publishing innovative storylines featuring our most iconic characters helmed by some of the most creative minds within the industry.”

So, that doesn’t stop other #1’s coming later. We already know of Batman Inc. for 2012. And, technically Justice League #1 is out in August 2011.

So, technically, DC has 51 #1’s shipping in September 2011, one #1 shipping in August 2011 (Justice League #1), and another #1 (Batman Inc. #1) in early 2012. We also have a Batman Beyond #1 creator confirmed with no specific release date though.

That gives us 54 books announced. Here’s how that shakes out:

Announced, but not in September 2011

1. Batman Inc. (in 2012)
2. Justice League (in August 2011)

Announced For September

Suicide Squad #1 (ships September 2011)1. Wonder Woman
2. Aquaman
3. Flash
4. The Fury of Firestorm
5. Savage Hawkman
6. Green Arrow
7. Justice League International
8. Mister Terrific
9. Captain Atom
10. DC Universe Presents
11. Green Lantern
12. Green Lantern Corps
13. Green Lantern: The New Guardians
14. Red Lanterns
15. Batman
16. Detective Comics
Deathstroke #1 (ships September 2011)17. Batman & Robin
18. Batman: The Dark Knight
19. Batwoman
20. Batgirl
21. Catwoman
22. Birds of Prey
23. Nightwing
24. Red Hood & the Outlaws
25. Batwing (African Batman from Batman Inc.)
26. Swamp Thing
27. Justice League Dark
28. Animal Man
29. Demon Knights
30. Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE
31. I, Vampire
32. Resurrection Man
Stormwatch #1 (ships September 2011)33. Voodoo (from Wildstorm)
34. Legion Lost (LOSH members β€œlost” in modern in DCU)
35. Legion of Super-Heroes
36. Teen Titans
37. Static Shock
38. Hawk and Dove
39. Stormwatch (from Wildstorm with Martian Manhunter)
40. Grifter (from Wildstorm)
41. Deathstroke
42. Blackhawks
43. Sgt. Rock & the Men of War
44. OMAC
45. All-Star Western
46. Blue Beetle
47. Suicide Squad
48. Superboy
49. Superman
50. Action Comics
51. Supergirl

NOTE: Even though JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 comes out in August, DC is counting it towards its 52 #1’s in September 2011.

Creator Confirmed

52. Batman Beyond – Not sure when it’s coming out

No Justice Society?

That’s 52 for September and no Justice Society. So, we`ve gone from two JSA books, to one book, to NONE?

NOTE: Dan Didio has confirmed the fate of the JSA here.

However, there could be more #1’s in October or later?

Wishful Thinking?

If there are more #1’s soon, are these on the radar?

1. Speed Force (with Wally West/Bart Allen) – previously announced
2. Shazam / Captain Marvel type book
3. My Greatest Adventure (was Weird Worlds – previously announced as 12 issues maxi-series)
4. Who’s Who (made sense)
5. Multiversity
6. Shade

Your Turn πŸ™‚

What do you think? What have you heard? More #1’s in October?

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