McFarlane SportsPicks NBA Series 20 Line-Up Revealed

The Forums released the full line-up for NBA Series 20.

-Kobe Bryant 6 (LA Lakers)
-Kevin Durant 2 (Oklahoma City Thunder)
-Dwayne Wade 3 (Miami Heat)
-John Wall (Washington Wizards)
-Derrick Rose 2 (Chicago Bulls)
-Carmelo Anthony 4 (New York Knicks)
-Blake Griffen (LA Clippers)

Neither the Collector Level figures or release date has been revealed.

PK’s Pulse:
I love this assortment. Two breakout rookies, both representing teams that having had a figure in 5 years (this is expecting that this assortment will be out in 2012). Also, Wall will be in that snazzy new Wizards uniform. It seems like we will be getting either LeBron or Kobe in every other wave. This is the first Carmelo since 2006 (really?!), and who’s surprised that this showed up here. Durant & Rose will be great 2nd versions of figures that the masses did not enjoy the first time around.

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