DC Comics Relaunch: LEGION LOST’s Artist Pete Woods Confirms Identity Of Legionnaire On Cover To #1

Legion Lost #1 (September 2011) Stemming from the news that DC is launching 5 youth themed titles in September, I was confused by the cover to Legion Lost.

It appeared that DC was making Cosmic Boy, the Legion of Super-Heroes’ commander of magnestism, an African American. I’m referring to the character in the bottom left of the cover wearing the goggles and having the spheres on his jacket.

However, artist Pete Woods responded to that article and confirmed what other posters had theorized:

“That is indeed Tyroc. I say this with some confidence as I’m the guy that drew the image.” 😉

Thanks Pete.

For folks that may not know, Tyroc was one of the comic industry’s earliest black super-heroes debuting in 1976 even before Black Lightning. Tyroc‘s power is a reality warping scream.

I’m still looking forward to this title. I never thought I’d be reading a Legion book, but Legion Lost has made it on to my new Top 19 list DC relaunch #1 books in September 2011.

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