CB’s World: Slamming Slammiversary and Explaining The Freebird Rule to TNA Management

Last night, TNA had another PPV — Slammiversary — that barely made a drop in the bucket of wrestling coherence and relevance.

Sure, there were some a couple of standout moments:

1) AJ Styles and Bully Ray brawling like they really HATED each other in a way that made me actually suspend disbelief (credit: Rey Mundo <-- we miss you man!) as I bought in; and 2) Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett FINALLY ending their program on the right note, even though I absolutely hated 90% 100% of the entire storyline after Karen Angle Jarrett was inserted into the mix.

I’m sure some people will also point to the heavyweight title match as creating a standout moment by crowning a new champion in Ken Anderson. Anderson. But honestly, I was underwhelmed by the whole affair — like all of Sting’s matches since WCW folded in 2001 — and thought that the way everything shook out simply makes Anderson already look like nothing more than a Paper Tiger Champ (credit: Mr. T <-- we miss you man!) As for the rest of the Slammiversary event -- which is supposed to be TNA's version of WrestleMania, well, there just wasn't much to the proceedings that was innovative, intelligent, or very fun. Here are some rapid-fire thoughts on the matter: --I HATE the name Gun Money and thinks it's stupid to invoke the Freebird Rule when Shelly was NEVER a part of the group to begin with. Example of an Acceptable invocation of the Freebird Rule: If Edge and Christian are tag team champions and Edge gets hurt, then Gangrel is an acceptable replacement. Example of an Unacceptable invocation of the Freebird Rule: Edge and Christian are tag team champions and Edge gets hurt, then Funaki is an unacceptable replacement, indeed (credit: well, Funaki <-- we miss you man! sorry, just can’t do it on this one)

So here we are in TNA, on the BIGGEST PPV event of the year, and they let Alex Shelley replace Roode so that Gun Money can debut as defending tag team champions against the British Invasion? Was Christopher Daniels — you know, A MEMBER OF STORM AND ROODE’S CURRENT ACTUAL FACTION — forgotten about as always too busy or something?

–No matter what, and whether intentional or not, Scott Steiner is always COMEDY GOLD on the microphone, and always will be. Seriously, that guy could have been the next Morton Downey, Jr. (look it up, friends). But that’s where the compliments stop. The match was disjointed, to say the least.

–X Division, what X Division? Seriously, these guys are more mismanaged than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s housekeeper’s birth control pills Anthony Weiner’s Twitter feed.

–Samoa Joe can’t beat Crimson, really? REALLY?! He should have stayed abducted.

–At least Mickie James beat Angelina. HARDCORE COUNTRY > Softcore Zombie, at least in this case. Seriously, the whole Winter-Angelina storyline is like something that would have been on USA Up All Night at 3 in the morning on a holiday weekend after 15 consecutive repeats of Silk Stalkings (Mitzi Kapture, I miss you!)

Well, that’s all I have in my bag of tricks this week, so let’s move onto some other business…

Around the Pulse

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Well, that’s all from me this week — CB.

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