DC Comics Relaunch: Fabian Nicieza Talks Virus & LEGION LOST With Pete Woods

Fabian Niceza, writer on Legion Lost #1 alongside artist Pete Woods, unveils some interesting elements for the new September 2011 debuting series.

This book made my Top 19 of the DC Comics Relaunch. And from the below excerpt, I’m glad it did.

Legion Lost #1 (ships September 2011)…Legion Lost is not exactly the Legion of Super-Heroes book at all. Their emphasis is on the word “Legion” while our emphasis is on the word “Lost”…

The characters come back in time to our present day in order to stop a future terrorist from ravaging Earth. His attempt to do so in their time failed, and he was sent into the past (which might have been the Legionnaires fault).

And even if the Lost succeed in stopping him, they might not be able to return home for fear of carrying a deadly pathogen back with them…

…It is a great mix of characters who have a real sense of history to them, but you are being introduced to them BANG from the opening pages without needing to know any of that history. This is who they are. This is what they do. This is why they are here. This is why they are royally screwed. This is why they are responsible for something that can ravage the human race.

And it ends with the greatest line I can imagine for a first issue to end on…

…. [The team is made up of] Tellus the telepath/telekinetic. Gates the teleporter. Dawnstar the tracker. Wildfire the reluctant energy being. Chameleon Girl the shapeshifter. Timber Wolf the hunter. Tyroc the sonic manipulator.

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Source: Newsarama