Were Money No Object on June 15 Featuring Legion Lost, The Sixth Gun, And More!

Books I Think You Should Buy:

Legion Lost

by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Olivier Coipel, and Pascal Alixe; DC, $39.99

The last decade and a half (or more) has been tough for Legion of Super-Heroes fans.  Reboot after reboot (with another one waiting in the wings) diluted the appeal of the franchise while jettisoning the years of tradition that made the Legion interesting.  With each new, ‘fresh’ take on the team, it seemed that new, less-talented creative teams simply wanted to put a new coat of paint on old storylines.  No one was taking risks with the franchise, and the books were wallowing in mediocrity.

Then, out of nowhere, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning appeared on the books (there were two Legion titles in those days), bringing with them a new, unknown artist named Olivier Coipel.  When they took over, they trashed the place, setting a group of aliens known as the Blight to wreck the Earth, and make everything look very dystopian indeed.  This story was recently collected in the Legion of the Damned DC Presents book.

After that, they stuck a small group of Legionnaires in a distant galaxy for a twelve-issue mini-series.  It was very good.  Abnett and Lanning have proven themselves time and again as the go-to writers for cosmic comics, and early Coipel was as good as his recent work on books like Siege and Thor.

It’s interesting that DC have waited until now to collect this book, but it makes sense in light of the news that one of the re-launched DC titles will be Legion Lost.  That sounded interesting until I learned that it was going to be written by Fabian Nicieza and set in the present day.  Sounds dull (although I’ll probably pick up the first issue out of sheer optimism).  Read this hardcover instead.

The Li’l Depressed Boy Vol. 1: She is Staggering

by S. Steven Struble and Sina Grace; Image, $9.99

The Li’l Depressed Boy is a strange beast.  It’s the continuation of a webcomic about a sock-puppet twenty-something, who has apparently been depressed in the past, although he seems more or less okay now.  Anyway, he meets a new girl that he likes, and they go on some dates.  The couple is decidedly anti-hipster, and they invent games like style points bowling.

This series is disarmingly charming, even though it’s pretty slow moving.  I feel like it is filling the gap left by the conclusion of Scott Pilgrim, although it is not as good as that series (obviously).  Still, the LDB has earned himself a spot on my pull-list, and this trade (which I think collects the first four issues) is only $10, so it’s worth checking out.

The Sixth Gun Vol. 2: Crossroads

by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt; Oni Press, $19.99

The Sixth Gun is a very cool mystical Western comic.  Its title refers to six guns, each imbued with magical powers or abilities, that seem to have existed for a very long time in one form or another.  After the events of volume one, one man, Drake Sinclair, possesses four of them, while his new friend Becky holds another (an enemy still has the sixth).  Coming to own these guns has not been easy for our heroes, and they have decided to take some time to regroup in New Orleans, and plan their next move.

For Drake, this involves traveling out into the swamp to get some magical help, while for Becky, this involves enjoying the romantic overtures of a gunslinger named Kirby Hale.  Of course, the world has other plans for these two, and their gun-less companion Gord, and soon they are dealing with thieves and voodoo loa.

This book is sharply written, and has terrific art by Brian Hurtt.  Now that Wasteland appears to be on indefinite hiatus, it is the best comic that Oni publishes, and has been remarkably consistent in terms of quality and keeping to a schedule.  It’s well-worth checking this series out.

So, what would you buy Were Money No Object?

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