DC Comics Relaunch: JT Krul Talks Green Arrow & Captain Atom

Writer JT Krul has been speaking about his two DC Comics Relaunch titles: Green Arrow and Captain Atom (two books on my Top 19).

Here are some highlights.

FINALLY Green Arrow has a secret identity again, so the domino mask makes sense.

Where Green Arrow #1 begins:

“Oliver Queen is a billionaire with a mission — to do everything he can to make the world a better place. Green Arrow #1 (ships September 2011) Through his company, he is able to achieve quite a bit, but some things require a more direct approach — and a bow and arrow. It’s the core of Green Arrow: a bit of that Robin Hood vibe as he strikes out against the greatest threats to people’s lives and freedoms. He may have that ivory tower, but in his heart he is a man of the people — and he always will be. The problem today is that the threats out there stretch way beyond the city limits, so Green Arrow will have to expand his territory, so to speak. Think globally…

…Given his position and status in the world, Oliver sees it as an opportunity to affect real change. And, yes, the time has come for the return of his patented trick arrows.”

Some changes to Green Arrow:

“The biggest change from what I was doing before centers around the fact that Oliver Queen is a billionaire and has his role within Queen Industries — and the fact that his identity is a secret. But again, it’s all true to the core of Green Arrow.”

Source: Newsarama

I’m pleased that it does seem that this will not be the Watchmen-ization of the book.

On the tone of the Captain Atom series:

“This is a departure from the kinds of books I’ve done in the past. Captain Atom #1 (ships September 2011)Captain Atom exists on an entirely different level than most other characters. He has near limitless — if not actually limitless — powers, which give him a very different perspective of our world. That unique perspective is what drew me to the book. At the same time that Captain Atom wields such immense power, he’s not a scientist — he was an Air Force pilot, so there is an everyman quality to him as well. A normal man forced to confront some rather weighty concepts about life and reality and existence.

Where the story begins in Captain Atom #1:

“He’s isolated. With all the powers he possesses, people aren’t entirely sure they want him around. And that goes for people in the superhero community as well. Superman may be an alien, but people have warmed to the idea of him being around – they trust him. Captain Atom is another story. He may be human, but he sure doesn’t look like one of us. Add to that the “nuclear” nature of his powers, and you can imagine why there is a healthy amount of apprehension when it comes to him. It’s like he’s a stranger in a strange land without being a stranger in a strange land.”

Source: Newsarama

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