New Muppets Teaser Parodies Green Lantern

A new blockbuster on the horizon only means one thing – it’s time for another Muppet parody! The marketing for Disney’s upcoming The Muppets has been impressive to say the least. Even though it doesn’t arrive in theaters for another five months, it already has had two teasers released in the span of a month, including a rom-com type of teaser with Jason Segal forgetting his anniversary with Amy Adams and the parody teaser that riffs The Hangover Part II. Today’s new parody pokes fun at this weekend’s Green Lantern.

Considering that The Hangover Part II was a bad comedy is it possible that the creators of these teasers are intentionally spoofing those films that will undoubtedly make gobs of money but at the same time suck something awful?

The teaser may be only a minute in length, but you may get more entertainment value here than you would be watching Ryan Reynolds battle some guy with a bulbous head who gave Carey Mulligan An Education once. And besides, who doesn’t like the Muppets? Even a thespian like Chris Cooper looks like he’s having fun as the villain.

Starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams and Chris Cooper (as Tex Richman – awesome name!), and featuring cameo appearances by tons of familiar faces (including the hosts of Comic Relief minus Robin Williams), The Muppets will land on November 23rd. Watch the spot and check out a new one sheet with Kermit the Frog.

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Source: The Playlist