Pulse Wrestling’s Live WWE RAW Coverage: 06.20.2011 – “Power to the People”

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Greetings everyone. I apologize for last week, had something come up last minute, but Andy Wheeler did not disappoint. However, I am back tonight, so let’s GET RAW!

Tonight, text A, B, or C to 46993 for all the match options. Standard messaging rates apply.

CM Punk comes out and he criticizes the fans and tonight’s concept. He declares himself the best wrestler in the world. Where’s Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan? He goes on to say he beat Rey Mysterio and John Cena and he declares himself the #1 Contender to the WWE Championship. He wants the title match in his hometown at Money in the Bank. This is “earth-shattering”?

The RAW GMail does oblige, but CM Punk cuts Michael Cole off. The GMail will take his demands under consideration, but he has to leave the ring. Punk makes it sound that he’s not going to leave the ring, so the GMail suggests that he does so. Punk makes some snow angels, so the GMail tells Punk that he has to earn the shot by facing Alberto del Rio. Punk talks smack about Alberto del Rio, so the GMail adds Rey Mysterio to the mix. And the GMail cuts Punk’s mic off.

Next up, will Brie Bella defend her Diva’s Championship against Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, or Beth Phoenix? The choice…IS YOURS!


WWE Diva’s Championship: Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella) v. Kelly Kelly

Yup, I’m calling the vote rigged. Either that, or the fans are stupid to not pick Beth Phoenix. Lock up to start and Brie piefaces Kelly. They do a quick chase and Nikki pays dividends. Brie is in control and she has Kelly in the corner. She chokes away until Charles Robinson decides to get involved. Cover gets two. She works a modified rear naked choke, but Kelly Kelly tries to get out of it. She pays for it by eating canvas. Back to the choke as Nikki watches on. Kelly works her ass and she sends Brie off her. Kick to the knee and here comes Kelly. Thez Press by Kelly and she hits the bulldog for two. Brie snaps a neckbreaker, but Kelly still kicks out. Brie counters a handspring, but Kelly counters the pin attempt for the win.

Winner and NEW WWE Diva’s Champion: Kelly Kelly
Grade: C

The Bella Twins complain and Jerry Lawler interviews Kelly Kelly. She is all teary-eyed.

Up next: Evan Bourne is in action against your choice Jack Swagger, Mason Ryan, or Sin Cara.


Evan Bourne v. Mason Ryan

SOOOOO… Who’s doing the voting tonight? Bourne plays keep-away to start, and this only makes Mason even happier. Mason catches Evan and the beating ensues. “BATISTA” chants to Mason Ryan, and Bourne connects with two dropkicks, but Mason Ryan still stands. Mason connects with the double backbreaker before hurling him via a fallaway slam – a move I haven’t seen since the days of Brock Lesnar. Bourne won’t quit as he hits the quick kicks. He connects with a knee to the jaw and Mason is down to one knee. Mason still picks Evan up and slams him down. Mason puts Evan on the turnbuckle, but he swats him away. He hits a mule kick to the back and follows with a kick upside the head. Off the ropes and Mason catches him for a Rock Bottom.

Winner: Mason Ryan
Grade: C

We have Kane v. Mark Henry in either a Body Slam match, an Arm Wrestling Match, or an Over-the-top Rope Match NEXT!


RAW Roulette next Monday!

Here comes Mark Henry and he is pissed off. He destroyed the Big Show last night at Capitol Punishment. He says that Big Show got what he deserved.

And the voting continues.


Kane v. Mark Henry

The match stipulation is an Arm Wrestling Match, which is quite shocking. Henry looks to have this in hand, but Kane makes a comeback, so Mark Henry decks Kane for the DQ.

Winner via DQ: Kane
Grade: N/R

Henry takes the arm wrestling table to Kane and Kane is hurting. Kane goes spine first into the steel post and he takes apart the announce table. He slams Kane through the table with the World’s Strongest Slam.


Welcome back to RAW. Jerry Lawler’s phone got busted. We are then tossed to a R-Truth piece from Capitol Punishment.

R-Truth comes out and he complains about last night. He gets interrupted by Christian, who also feels for him. Christian complains about last night with his foot under the bottom rope. Truth goes back to complaining about Christian already being a champion. This brings out the Miz, who also wants to complain. The Miz sets them straight, stating that last night Alex Riley had a win handed to him. Now it is a three-way b*tch fest. I smell a six man tag team match coming on. Here comes Teddy Long to shut the complaining up. Yup, I was right. The opponents are Alex Riley, Randy Orton, & John Cena. The fans get to pick the stipulation.

Up next: Kofi Kingston v. Dolph Ziggler for the United States Championship with your choice of 2 out of 3 falls; Vickie banned from ringside; or a submission match.


Vickie Guerrero comes out to introduce Dolph Ziggler.

WWE United States Championship: Dolph Ziggler v. Kofi Kingston

The stipulation is: Two out of Three Falls. NICE! Fall one is under way with Kofi exacting revenge. Dolph can’t even get room to breathe and he is forced to roll out of the ring. Back inside, Kofi gets two. Suplex by Kofi into a cover, but a kickout. Dolph makes a comeback…neckbreaker countered to a backslide for two. Kofi gets on top of Dolph and Vickie complains. Kofi goes after Dolph, but he dives through the 2nd rope. Break time.


We are back and Dolph Ziggler has a chinlock applied. During the break, Dolph Ziggler scored a pinfall, so he’s up 1-0. Dolph scores a dropkick for two and he goes back on the attack. Kofi tries to fight back, but Ziggler hits the jumping leg drop for two. Kofi counters a punch into the SOS for the second fall! Tied 1-1 now as Dolph plays possum. Neckbreaker scores a two count. He applies a chinlock, but Kofi gets back up. Kofi blocks a dropkick and he launches Dolph into the steel ring post. Polish Hammer connects and Kofi launches Control Frenzy. Kofi with the double foot stomp for a close two count. Dolph gets a schoolboy with the tights for two. Kofi lands the crossbody over the back for another close two count. Dolph wisely rolls out of the ring and he grabs the title belt. He misses the belt shot, but Kofi gets the Trouble in Paradise on the outside. He rolls Dolph back inside and he gets a close two count. He leaves the ring again and he grabs the microphone. Kofi chases after him and he gets knocked in the face with the mic for the DQ.

Winner via DQ: Kofi Kingston
Grade: B

Post match, Dolph Ziggler gets hit with Trouble in Paradise.

Shawn Michaels is your special guest next week!

Alberto del Rio makes his way to the ring and he explains to us that what happened to the Big Show was destiny and that it is his destiny to be the new #1 Contender to the WWE Title.


Alberto del Rio v. Rey Mysterio v. CM Punk

The stipulation is: Falls Count Anywhere. Of course since Triple Threats are usually No DQ anyway. Bell rings and Mysterio scores a couple quick nearfalls before Del Rio tries to get some offense in. Mysterio gets some kicks in and Punk elevates Del Rio out of the ring. Punk scores a nearfall on Mysterio. 619 attempt, but Del Rio cuts Mysterio off in the past and gets pinned for two. Punk with a powerbomb on Del Rio to the outside gets a delayed two count and Mysterio lands on Punk for another two count. Break time.


We are back and Mysterio eats two backbreakers. Del Rio gets two, but Punk stops it. GTS attempt, but Del Rio hits the single arm DDT. Stinger for Punk, as he tries to get feeling in his arm. Del Rio fails to eliminate Mysterio. Mysterio with a 619 attempt, but Punk attempts the counter again. Del Rio blocks the GTS, but Mysterio scores a kick to Punk’s head. Tower of Doom spot connects and Del Rio covers Mysterio for two, then Punk for two. He charges only to get Mysterio to block it. Mysterio gets dropped like a bad habit and Punk is forced to save the match. Del Rio launches himself to Punk, then he goes towards Mysterio before missing. Snake Eyes by Punk! Pillar to Post we go, but Mysterio has a pair waiting for Punk. Mysterio lands on Punk and he dives onto Del Rio. Mysterio goes back on top and he lands on Punk for two. Springboard crossbody misses and Punk limps to the corner. Mysterio is waiting and he looks for a hurrancurana, but that is blocked. Cross Arm breaker applied to Mysterio, but Punk drops the leg for two. Del Rio takes care of Punk and Mysterio hits the 619 on Del Rio! He drops the Dime, but Punk tosses Rey off and he steals it!

Winner: CM Punk
Grade: B (Not much usage of the stipulation hurt this match a tad…)

Punk has a microphone and he says that July 17th will be a historical day for the WWE Universe. He states that July 17th is his last day as a contracted WWE Superstar. He says that he will be leaving and he will take the WWE Championship with him.

Up next: Daniel Bryan v. Cody Rhodes in a “Paper Bag” Match, No Count Out, or Collegiate Rules.


Daniel Bryan v. Cody Rhodes

The stipulation is: No Count Out. The bell rings and Rhodes takes the advantage. Daniel Bryan takes Rhodes out of the ring and he hits the heat seeking missile. The fight goes on the ramp and Bryan hits a suplex on the steel ramp. Kick connects twice. Rhodes runs away and we go back in the ring. Dropkick to the facemask gets two. Pillar to post we go and Bryan misses Sliced Bread #2. Rhodes hits the springboard kick for two. Bryan tries the LaBell Lock, but Rhodes counters to a schoolboy, countered again for a Bryan pinfall.

Winner: Daniel Bryan
Grade: C

Daniel Bryan locks on the LaBell Lock and DiBiase comes in at the right time to keep Bryan from getting disqualified and the two beat Daniel Bryan down.

Oh My God. Vickie Guerrero will compete in a dance competition against your choice of Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, or Booker T.


We are back and Matt Striker is in charge. Vickie says that she’s an expert in ballet, jazz, and exotic dancing and her stage name used to be “Peaches”. She then quotes Sable. She then forces herself on Matt Striker and she kisses him. The WWE Universe picks Michael Cole. He tells us to sit back and enjoy perfection… At least Michael Cole enjoys making an ass of himself. Matt Striker declares Michael Cole the winner since he got the most boos. She slaps the taste out of Michael Cole’s mouth.

The main event stipulation options are: One Fall; 20 Minute Time Limit; or Elimination.


John Cena, Randy Orton, & Alex Riley v. R-Truth, Christian, & The Miz

The stipulation is Elimination Rules.


We are back and the match starts. Cena and Miz to start. Cena gets his moves in and he tags in Orton to inflict some more damage. Uppercut connects and Orton explodes out of the corner with a lariat. He drops the knees for two. Miz gets a kick to the skull and he focuses on the head. Tag to Christina and he takes it to Orton. Orton gets pinned for two following running into the knee. Miz attacks on the outside. Christian chokes Orton in the corner and he looks for a neckbreaker. Cover and two. Tag to Truth and Orton looks like he is concussed again. Orton tries to reach to Cena or Riley, but Truth keeps him away. Orton tries to get out of the sleeper and he does. Tag to Christian and Orton is still in trouble. Killswitch attempt, countered to the RKO attempt, countered to the reverse DDT for two. Christian looks for the Spear, but Orton hits the snap powerslam! Tag to Riley and he goes nuts over Christian. Spinebuster connects and he takes Miz and Truth down. Implant DDT attempt and EVERYTHING BREAKS LOOSE! John Cena almost gets DQ’ed for grabbing the referee. The Miz sneaks in with a Skull Crushing Finale and Riley is eliminated.


The Miz attacks Orton and he stalks him. The Miz charges, but Orton hits a lariat, giving him the chance to tag Cena in. HERE COMES CENA! He does his moves of Doom on Miz, but Miz counters the A.A. with the Reality Check for TWO! The Miz charges and he connects with his corner clothesline. The Miz goes up top and Cena catches him with the STF and all hell breaks loose again. Cena is in dire straits as Christian gets tagged in. Cena runs into an elbow and Christian tags in Truth. He hits a front faced suplex for two. He tries it again, but Cena gets a Fisherman Suplex out of desparation. Truth cuts the tag off and he is able to tag the Miz who sets up for the Skull Crushing Finale. Cena counters with the A.A., taking out Christian out in the process. The Miz goes out. Truth covers Cena for two. Cena suplexes Truth and Truth gets a tag. Christian counters the A.A. and he goes to the top. He misses the headbutt and Cena is a long way away from Orton. TAGS ALL AROUND! Snap powerslam to Truth and Orton looks for the Hangman DDT! He coils and Christian sneaks in a Killswitch attempt, but Orton takes Christian out. Truth kicks low and he looks for the Lie Detector, but Orton hits the RKO to eliminate him. Christian hits the spear out of nowhere to eliminate Orton, but Christian celebrates prematurely. Cena gets Christian up for the A.A., but Christian counters it and Orton hits the RKO, setting up for the STF and Christian taps out.

Winners: John Cena, Randy Orton, & Alex Riley
Grade: B+

Show over.


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