DC Comics Relaunch: #1’s Climb from 52 to 61…

We already knew of more than 52 #1’s were coming from DC this Fall as part of the DC Comics Relaunch.

(Initially updated here to 70. Later updated to here to 78.)

Creator confirmed:

53. Batman Beyond by Adam Beechen.
54. Batman Inc. by Grant Morrison in early 2012 (confirmed by DC).
55. A Gail Simone penned mini-series.
56. And now a mini-series by artist Jamal Igle (see below).

“The artist was absent from September solicitations, but Igle has confirmed to Newsarama that he’s working on a four-issue mini-series for DC that will begin in October”. Source: Newsarama

Jamal’s project could be the same as the one Gail Simone is on, or a different one. I guess we’ll find out with DC’s October 2011 solicits. Will that be the month where DC starts to announce some of its mini-series to continue the DC Comics Relaunch? Those it needs to complete and/or new ones?

All of the above books are in addition to other books that have been announced, but have not seen the light of day.

57. Speed Force (with Wally West/Bart Allen) – previously announced
58. My Greatest Adventure (was Weird Worlds – previously announced as 12 issues maxi-series)
59. Who’s Who (made sense)
60. Multiversity
61. Shade

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