John Byrne Announces First Of Two New Series: First Up… COLD WAR: THE MICHAEL SWANN DOSSIER

With news of the end of John Byrne’s Next Men comes news of the launch of two new series. This one does not appear to have ties to his Next Men ‘verse. A period piece with espionage and adventure.

Looks like fun.

John Byrne’s first tease on Byrne Robotics:

Yes, the new series is called COLD WAR, subtitled THE MICHAEL SWANN DOSSIER, and it’s about a former MI6 agent who accepts the occasional “special assignment” from Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Set during the titular time period, but (trust me on this!) NOT a history book!

The official announcement by John Byrne:

So, the cat is out of the bag — and a very cool cat he is. At least, I hope you will think so.

As mentioned in another thread, after being announced by IDW, my new ongoing series is COLD WAR, recounting the adventures of a former MI6 agent who now accepts the occasional “contract” from his former bosses in Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Of course, Swann knows that if it gets to the point his former bosses feel they need his help, the ship must have really hit the sand!

Altho set in the early days of the Cold War, this is NOT going to be a history book. I am playing quite freely with the order in which things happened in the real world. And I will not be tying Swann’s exploits to any specific year or sequence of years. Those with an awareness of the history of this period may spot a few landmarks — one in most particular plays an important part as a sub-thread to my overall tale — but no reason to start checking the History Channel in order to be able to follow what’s going on in this series!

Here’s a sneekpeek at Page One:

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