John Byrne Announces Second Of Two New Series: Next Up… NEXT MEN: AFTERMATH

Earlier this year, comics legend John Byrne announced what would follow the end of John Byrne’s Next Men. This book will be one of two rotating ongoing comics series by Byrne. The other is the period piece called Cold War: The Michael Swann Dossier.

Check out the news on Next Men: Aftermath, the sequel to Next Men, check out the below.

John Byrne from Byrne Robotics:

The NEXT MEN sequel is a go-ahead, but IDW has requested that I continue with the numbering from the previous series, so NEXT MEN: AFTERMATH, not AFTERMATH as a brand new show.

Why? Because if AFTERMATH appears with a 1 on the cover, there are still some retailers who will bump the orders on that one, then slash the orders on subsequent issues.

The inmates are now actually BURNING DOWN the asylum. . .

…It spins right out of the “last” issue of NEXT MEN, and features several familiar characters.

It also takes a very, very, very different direction!!!

…At this point, the nature of AFTERMATH renders it open ended. There is a goal that the protagonists are chasing, but how long it will take them to get there is anybody’s guess.

AFTERMATH will, in fact, be much more of a traditional adventure book than was NEXT MEN. No beginning, middle and end all plotted out before I start, this time. More like Stan and Jack launching the first issue of FANTASTIC FOUR. It lasts as long as it lasts!

John Byrne also recently added to the Aftermath premise:

There’s over, and there’s over!

AFTERMATH will continue with some of the familiar faces — but will be a VERY different kind of book!

I wonder what all of you will think of it!

….. [on whether there will be a gap between Next Men and Aftermath] Yes — but it will be partially filled with the New Project I have already started, but am not at liberty to announce in detail just yet.

Then there will be “breaks” between arcs of each series, but staggered so, hopefully, there will be no Byrne Free months, and about half the time there will be two Byrne Books coming out.

…When I first conceived my “sequel” to JBNM, which happened about halfway into the original run, and was for something very different in scope and shape, Jazz was going to be the ONLY character from the series who “crossed over” into the new book.

Over the years, the idea has warped and morphed and generally transformed itself, but Jasmine’s presence has remained the one constant!

Can’t wait. Seems like fun. The world of Next Men is full of engaging characters and I’m Aftermath will have even more hijinks in typical Byrne fashion.

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