Marvel Comics’ AVENGERS 1959 Gets Series By Howard Chaykin

CBR has an exclusive announcement of an Avengers 1959 mini-series done by Howard Chaykin.

Below is an excerpt with the cover following it.

BTW, anyone know if the original Avengers 1959 arc has been collected in tpb? This follow-up mini looks pretty cool.

Marvel Comics fans know the original “Avengers” line-up first assembled on a day unlike any other. Readers of “New Avengers” know that fateful day may have come much earlier than anyone originally believed. In the series’ recently completed “Infinity” arc writer Brian Michael Bendis told a story set in the present with the book’s present day members illustrated by Mike Deodato, and a story set in the past featuring art by Howard Chaykin. The story set in the past took place in 1959, and in it the U.S. President tasked war hero Nick Fury with creating a special “Avengers Initiative,” a team of highly skilled and super powered operatives that would take on secret missions. Over the course of the five-issue storyline, Fury assembled his team and led them on their first assignment, to shut down a secret Nazi cabal attempting to create their own Captain America.

This fall, Fury and his team return for another action-packed, top-secret mission in the five-issue “Avengers 1959” miniseries written and drawn by Chaykin.

In “Infinity” [Dominic] Fortune was the second person Nick Fury recruited for his Avengers team. His first was Wolverine’s savage arch-enemy, Sabretooth, and Sabretooth wouldn’t be the only recruit with a primal edge. The team also included Spider-Man’s foe Kraven the Hunter and his girlfriend at the time, Namora of the “Agents of Atlas.” In “Avengers 1959” Chaykin will explore the dynamic between these three fierce characters.

…Rounding out Fury’s Avengers recruits in “Infinity” were two other characters with hunting backgrounds, but better able to blend into civilization: monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone, and Nazi hunter Ernst Sablinova (AKA the original Silver Sable). Chaykin is keeping those characters in reserve for “Avengers 1959” and plans on exploring them more in a possible sequel. This allows him to put the spotlight on some new characters that will be joining the team with this series, like the Golden Age female crime fighter known as the Blonde Phantom.

…”Avengers 1959″ picks up a few weeks after the end of the “Infinity” arc in “New Avengers” and finds the titular team pursuing a different target. “They’re not after the Red Skull this time. Basically they’re up against that nascent network of post-World War II fascist villains that’s slowly coming together,” Chaykin said. “There’s also a third party, which I will not go into, that is instrumental in stirring up a storm between our heroes and those villains. That sort of complicates things radically.”

Check out the cover below. For more information including additional pics, please visit CBR.

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