DC Comics Relaunch: Dan DiDio & Keith Giffen Share Jack Kirby’s Fourth World / New Gods & OMAC Pics?

CBR has an exclusive interview with Keith Giffen and DC Comics co-publisher Dan Didio on their new OMAC series. It gets a #1 in September 2011.

At the end of this article is an interior pic from OMAC #1, shipping as part of the DC Comics Relaunch, and includes Mokkari, a Fourth World / New Gods character who ran an “Evil Factory”. I think he was last seen in Final Crisis. Looks like he may be key to the birth of this new OMAC. Will the Fourth World or Fifth World characters return in the new DCU?

Here’s an interesting take on the premise of this new OMAC from Dan DiDio. Looks like DC has taken the “best” of all interpretations into this new one. Here’s an excerpt from DiDio’s comments:

And in this particular case, when you look at the original Kirby series, it only ran for eight issues, but it made such an impact on so many people. What we’re hoping to do is take a lot of what resonated with folks from that earlier series, and then take some of the things that people reacted to when we had the OMACs featured in things like “Infinite Crisis” and beyond. But this is a concept and direction unto itself, and we’re pretty excited about it. There were a lot of things that are built off of the DC Universe that take place in this book; it ties in with other series as we move forward, but it is its own book in its own right.

In addition, OMAC is a new character called Kevin Kho. He’s an adopted Cambodian orphan and seems to part of DC’s attempts to diversify some of its lead characters. Here’s what Giffen has to say:

It’s very much taking somebody who is, like Dan said, the kind of guy who, when he sits down at his desk, he has to have his pens aligned a certain way and his desk blotter there. It’s the equivalent of somebody kicking over his desk and saying, “I’m going to be doing this to you every day!” It’s not just about this big guy OMAC smacking people around, although there is a lot of that. It is about what happens when events, which you have no control over, start dominating your life and how you deal with it.

Below is the page I referred to earlier with the last panel featuring the yellow character Mokkari front and centre.

Also, for more pics and the cover to OMAC #2, plus more of DiDio’s and Giffen’s musings, visit CBR.

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