The Weekly Wishlist: Green Lantern Classics Series 3

With all the buzz around the new Green Lantern movie, it only seems fitting that this weeks edition of The Weekly Wishlist is centered around DC Universe’s Green Lantern Classics line. The 2 assortments that have been very good at filling out some random spots in the DC Universe Classics…well universe. Manhunter Robots, Star Sapphire & Black Hand are regular GL villains that may not have made it to the regular DCU assortment. The idea around the head/hands swap out parts are ideal for fans wanting to fill out some of the Corps members. And this was the perfect outlet to release Ion & Kyle Rayner.

Ideally, DCUC Series 17 (Blackest Night wave) would have been the perfect Green Lantern Series 3, but since they are bound to hit stores any day, dwelling on that would be pointless. Also, having the whole assortment also based on Blackest Night would be overkill, even if we all want Saint Walker, Indigo-1 & so on (aside from what’s listed below for all of you who took a sneak peak). I also took out figures that Mattel has said will be made for sure, which is mainly just Nekron. So, let’s take a look, figure-by-figure, of who is on the Weekly Wishlist for Green Lantern Classics Series 3.

Hal Jordan as Parallax
This figure is here for 2 reasons. First, it gets the top GL name back in the assortment with a new version of Hal Jordan. Secondly, this is a top villain for the Green Lantern Corps. Really, I don’t have much more, as this was the easiest pick for this line.

Laira played a huge part in the lead into Blackest Night, going from the Green Lantern Corps, over to the Red Lanterns. With the shortage of Red Lanterns, especially with them being the lead villains in the new Green Lantern: The Animated Series, the classic DCUC 50/50 split of Laira in Green Lantern & Red Lantern colors would make sense here.

Ya, this was coming for sure. Larfleeze, in my mind, was the breakout character when all the new Lanterns were introduced. I would have taken him over Orange Lantern Lex in DCUC 17 anyday. Downside is that it would be incredibly difficult to make constructs for him…but I would take what I could.

Green Lantern Kreon/Green Man
Here is this assortment’s ‘Choose Your Own Figure’ set. I am positive they can figure out a way to take the entire white glove away from Green Man and make sure a gold glove is there for Kreon.

Another Corps leader here, but this one is more needed then even Larfleeze. With Dex-Starr, Skallox, & Nite-Lik already out there as Red Lanterns, Atrocitus needs to be there to lead them!

Superboy-Prime (Sinestro Corp)
So, ya, ideally our first figure of Superboy-Prime shouldn’t be in his Yellow Lantern outfit, but, as he was a huge part of the Sinestro Corps War, he belongs in here with these colors. This will also make it easier for him to be repainted and put into a future assortment, or maybe Crisis themed 2-pack down the road. This was my last pick for this assortment, as I didn’t want to put some random villain in here, like Tattooed Man or Javelin.

So, the next question is, who would join Arkillo & Stel as the GLC Collect & Connect figure?? NOBODY!

My plan would be to include different Guardians as the pack-in instead of a C&C piece. This would be a cheap way for Mattel to accomplish this, as they really only need to make one body, and alter each head to make the more notable ones; Scar, Sayd, Ganthlet and so on.

That’s it this week, as we had a short one. Next week we will check out another DC Comics property, and the first line we have tackled that does not have an established toyline, with Fables.

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