DC Comics Relaunch: Flashpoint’s Project Superman IS Stormwatch’s Apollo Versus Kal-El Superman!

Flashpoint: Project Superman #3At the beginning of the weekend we were speculating on who Project Superman was, but by the end of the weekend we knew.

The cover to Project Superman #3 pretty much confirms that the Project Superman mini-series leads up to a Kal-el versus Apollo crescendo.

Click on the cover to August’s issue #3 on the left.

Notice the “S” shield on the white haired Superman?

Very cool.

Signs point to Neil Sinclair being Apollo’s new secret identity. (See below)

The Wildstorm integration begins this week with Project Superman #1.

UPDATED: Even more clues here.

Could that white haired Superman be Wildstorm’s white-haired Apollo (a Superman archetype) who integrates with the new DCU in September 2011’s DC Flashpoint: Project Superman #1Comics Relaunch title Stormwatch? Seems like a “yes”. And, makes sense too he is part of the DC Comics Relaunch in August / September 2011 with 52 new #1’s.

Other options initially included the following heroes too: The white-haired Captain Nathaniel Adam a.k.a. Captain Atom (who might be able to grow to consume a cover due to atomic energy); the original, Kal-el, from the doomed plant Krypton; Wildstorm’s white-haired Union (another Superman archetype); and a stretch option was Mr. Majestic who was also a “Superman” for Wildstorm, but without white hair.

Check out the cover released by DC for Project Superman #1 out this week on June 29, 2011.

My money was always on Apollo amongst all the choices particularly after we saw the post-Flashpoint Stormwatch #1 cover with him front and centre.

Flashpoint: Project Superman #1 preview page 1Solicit for issue #1 on DC’s blog:

Neil Sinclair was just the average soldier until he volunteered to become the military’s first line of defense against alien and monster threats as part of Project Superman. Alien DNA was grafted onto his own, transforming Neil into “Subject Zero”, giving him an entire arsenal of powers. But as his abilities continued to expand and his strength grew, Neil began to lose control. Too powerful to be controlled, he was locked away, until one fateful day in Metropolis during a meteor shower.

However, on the second page (see image on the left) of Newsarama‘s multi-page preview of Project Superman #1, Sinclair (seemingly Apollo’s new secret identity – he didn’t have one before) alludes to becoming a Superman in the past and being tasked to kill a Superman in the ‘Flashpoint’ present. As such, there are two Supermen in this series.

The cover to issue #3 in August seems to confirm Apollo pre-dates Kal-el and that both are the Supermen in the 3 issue mini-series.

I’m glad some of these Flashpoint books have characters that carryover into the DC Comics Relaunch.

FYI – First pic from left is Apollo, then the “new” Captain Atom, then the classic Union from Wildstorm.

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