EXW Adrenaline Rush 06.21.2011 — Val Venis, Dom Vitalli, Cutler Wright

EXW Adrenaline Rush – June 21st
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It’s always nice to be delighted within the first few seconds of the show starting, and delighted I was. The usual announcers—Ryan Castellucci and Lawrence Tyler—made their way out, but it was announced that one more man would join them. Who, you might ask? None other than Miracle Mike James, whom we have not heard from since his unfortunate injury. Before it even started, my night was made. And, the show began.

Match #1
Cedric the Hitman with The Business
Shadow Fox

In a match where I was expecting some chatting beforehand, it was nice to see that both men cut to the chase and pounced when the bell rang. These two sounded like an odd pairing, one I was ready to just sit back and watch, but I was a bit surprised at how well it actually turned out. They seemed to bring the best out of each other. Not only that, but Cedric kind of stuck out. His personality was definitely toned down, which was good, but still prevalent. But right as I was really getting into the groove of things, Woody and Devin attacked, ending the match.
Winner: Shadow Fox (by DQ)

Of course, this prompted the members of The Network to come to the young luchador’s aid. They had their serious faces on, when Stamboli decided to call out Woody for a real match.

Match #2
Woodrow Santanelli
Johnny Stamboli

I know how to stand corrected when the situation calls for it. I’ve really been enjoying Woody’s interactions lately. His hostility is potent, and it’s become absolutely fascinating to experience. He’s almost becoming one of my favorites to watch. When he’s given an actual opportunity to seize the control, he makes the most of it. Stamboli stole the show for a good little chunk, but that’s nothing new. Ultimately, the match ended in what I consider a perfect way, with Woody getting disqualified for not breaking the hold on Stamboli, who had the ropes. Two disqualifications in a row, however redundant, does well to portray the recklessness of the Business.
Winner: Johnny Stamboli (by DQ)

What was perhaps the most eyebrow-raising incident of the evening, was when Ryan Castellucci rushed to the ring. He stood nose to nose with his former tag team partner, forcing the cessation of brutality for a moment longer than expected. A lot of things went unsaid, as Woody finally retreated.

Match #3
Josh Carey
“The Ultimate Manson”

I just about fell over laughing when The Ultimate Warrior/Ultimate Manson/Johnny Manson (boy, I love this Identity Theft thing…) emerged from the curtain, and jogged around the entire bar before shaking the ropes uncontrollably. Unfortunately, the shenanigans lasted longer than the match itself, an issue I’m finding more and more with Manson’s matches. It’s hard to tell if it was entertaining, as it ended just before we got comfy.
Winner: Josh Carey

Match #4
Lucha Starr
Adan Reyes
Ray Basura

Weird matchups that shouldn’t work in a million years yet somehow do must be a trademark of EXW because I found myself asking, “…what?!” when everyone entered. It seemed like the most random of clusterfucks, but I actually liked it. Probably would have fared better as a one on one between any of the involved, but I’m biased in that sense, as I loathe triple threats. Lucha Starr and Basura stole the show to finish it up, which might be due to the fact that Basura came off a bit more serious and angry once blood started pouring out of his nose.
Winner: Ray Basura

Match #5
Jefe Lescano
Cutler Wright

I simply love seeing fresh faces in EXW. That wondering of what you’re going to get when the bell rings…it’s a rush. And I was very impressed with what I saw. I had no idea who this man was before the match (or during…I hate how deaf I am…) but I instantly became a fan. But he wasn’t the only delight of the night. Wright showed a strength I wasn’t aware he had throughout, and showcased some of the enormous talent we’ve come to expect. I’m not sure if this is just when the alcohol really made its way through my bloodstream, but I really enjoyed watching these two go at it.
Winner: Cutler Wright

Once the ring was clear, Devin Sparks made his way out to chit chat for a minute. He was such gold on the mic, I almost wonder why he wasn’t the official mouthpiece of the Business. Steve should have stood behind him with his arms crossed like a boss, while Woody grunted for emphasis.

Match #6
Devin Sparks
Tyson Tyler

I’ve stated before that Devin Sparks was the most intriguing of the wrestlers in EXW, but I wanted to see some more from him. Well, I sure did during this match. I’d love to see him in some kind of huge stipulation match. But, I digress. I liked that they kept down the same road, as Sparks picked up where Woody left off at the last show, and attacked poor Tyson’s leg. I was actually pretty rocked by the whole spectacle.
Winner: Tyson Tyler

Once more, the action didn’t stop when the bell rung. First the Business, then Stamboli. But the two members of the Network found a way to isolate one of their constant opponents, as Stamboli set up for the GFY. Tyson charged, but his leg gave out due to all the abuse it had taken, making it so that he couldn’t continue.

Match #7
Moshpit Mike
Andrew Hellman

For a man with no sleeves, Mosh sure seems to have a few tricks tucked up them. I was taken aback by the sudden and sharp offense he provided, finding a balance between arguing with the fans and still knocking Hellman on his ass. Although one gentleman sitting in front of me was more focused on Moshpit’s pants (hubba hubba), I couldn’t help but stare at this stunning matchup.
Winner: Andrew Hellman

Match #8
Kyle Hawk
Willie Mack
Elite Division Championship Match

My notes for this match look like I had a seizure. It was quick, quick, quick, so much so that I was unable to look away for even a second, as I would surely miss something. This had to be one of Hawk’s better matches, as my jaw actually dropped a few times. Everything was fluid, it was interesting, and the impact left a ringing in my ears that I still can’t shake off. The only way it could have been better was if there wasn’t a sea of heads blocking my vision. But the crowd’s reaction and deafening approval was indicator enough that it was a success.
Winner: Willie Mack

Mack took a moment to explain that he would be heading to Europe, so he’d be missing for a short amount of time. He pledged to bring his EXW Elite Championship and do the company proud.

Match #9
Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli and Gabriel Gallo with Johnny Roxx
The Freak Squad
Derick Neikirk and Val Venis
Team Elite

It was a picture perfect start, when The Freaks were stalling and Team Elite stood, waiting, for them in the ring. Gallo and Val started it off, continuing what they couldn’t finish at the last show when the time limit forced them to call it a draw. Oddly, these two going at it was probably the highlight of the match for me. Neikirk stormed in to get a piece of the Freaks, with Dom to the rescue. As brilliant as Gallo and Val are together, Dom and Neikirk mirror that. The abrupt finish was a little shocking, but was a pleasant way to end it.
Winner(s): Team Elite

Hellman had joined the celebrating victors after his interference, hinting at cashing in the title shot he had earned at Xtreme Measures on 5/29…what a way to guarantee asses in the seats.


Overall… I’m actually surprised. This might be the first show I walked away from sans a single negative thing to say. By no means was it an epic, shock-inducing show. But it made me remember why I was sold on this promotion from the very first show I attended. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

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