UFC On Versus 4: Cheick Kongo vs Pat Barry Live Results and Play by Play

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Join Jon Kirschner at 9pm ET for live coverage of the night’s televised action from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as the UFC makes its return to Versus with a troubled event now headlined by a heavyweight clash between Pat Barry and Cheick Kongo. We’ll bring you live results and play by play of all the night’s fights including former headliner Rick Story taking on Charlie Brenneman, a late replacement for Nate Marquardt.

Live on Versus from 9pm ET

We are live! Welcome to the start of the live play-by-play for UFC on Versus 4. The pre-fight show is currently on and they are talking about the incident with Nate Marquardt yesterday. Nate’s camp released the following statement on the matter: “Today, Nate Marquardt was not medically cleared by the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission at UFC on Versus 4. Nate was looking forward to making his welterweight debut and is disappointed by this unfortunate turn of events. Nate wants to apologize to his family, friends, fans and the UFC. This outcome was certainly not what he wanted. At this time, Nate wants to be with those closest to him so he can evaluate his situation over the coming days.”

NATE GATE UPDATE: Greg Sirb of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission stated that the issue is up to Nate to resolve. If Nate can prove that his medical issue is resolved as soon as NEXT WEEK, they’ll take away the suspension. It is not likely that he can be suspended. Dana White is on now and is stating that Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission is the best athletic commission in the country. Dana White says that he is disgusted with Nate, and he has no business fighting in the UFC. He then says unfortunately to the laws of Pennsylvania, it’s up to Nate to release the information as to why he failed the drug test. Only then will fans understand why Dana White cut him.

“Boom” Count (# of times I’ve heard P.O.D. singer scream “BOOM” during the UFC 132 Commercial): 50 Booms

Live TV Profanity Count: 3 (S***, f***, d**n it.)

Matt Mitrione (261.1) vs. Christian Morecraft (261.4)

Round One: Things get heated up early before the introductions as the two almost go face to face in the middle of the octagon. No glove touch. The bout starts off with a feeling out process with not many shots connected. Morecraft is the aggressor here. Mitrione connects with a straight left that drops Morecraft. Mitrione lets him back up. Mitrione is just counterpunching here, moving away from and blocking Morecraft’s strikes. Mitrione is setting up strikes with leg kicks and kicks to the body. It looks like Mitrione is letting Morecraft punch himself out. Morecraft connects with a straight right, but Mitrione answers with a shot of his own. Mitrione connects a straight right. Mitrione connects with a left that knocks Morecraft loopy, follows up with a series of strikes, and Christian falls onto the mat. Mitrione chases him and Morecraft somehow lands on top of Mitrione. They are back to their feet and Mitrione has Morecraft on the cage. Horn sounds and it’s the end of the round.
Jon says: Mitrione takes the round 10-9

Round Two: Mitrione is just as composed as he was in the start of the first round. Morecraft’s mouth is almost dragging on the floor he’s so tired. Mitrione’s gameplan is clear: Let Morecraft throw combos, look for an opening and connect with a solid punch. Morecraft shoots for a takedown and is successful. Morecraft is just lying on top of Mitrione until he just stands right back up. Morecraft has Mitrione up against the cage and is staying active with foot stomps and short, weak elbows. The referee threatens to separate them and Morecraft lands a nice takedown. Morecraft is trying to pass Mitrione’s guard, but can’t. Referee stands them back up and Mitrione has a minute to take this round. Morecraft shoots for a takedown, but like a matador to a bull, Mitrione shrugs him off Morecraft falls past him. Morecraft is not all there, whether he’s injured or gassed. Mitrione connects with a right hook, left straight, and a right straight and Morecraft goes crashing to the mat. Mitrione confidently walks away and the referee stops the fight.

Official Decision: Matt Mitrione defeats Christian Morecraft via. KO (punches) in Round Two

Matt Brown (170) vs. John Howard (170.2)

Round One: Gloves touch. Howard connects with a shin-to-knee kicks, and another. Brown clinches, he presses Howard against the fence and they separate. Brown lands on top after a failed throw from Howard, but they’re back up. Howard connects with another deep leg kick… these are going to start effecting Brown’s bounce. Howard has a leg hooked, tries to slam Brown, but ends up with a simple takedown. Brown gets right back up but Howard still has one leg hooked, pressing Brown against the cage. Brown almost lands a head kick, a knee, and Howard gets tripped to the ground. Brown chases him and he goes for a D’arce Choke. He lets it go, Howard gets up and slams Brown and lands in side control. Howard tries to mount his back, but Brown gets right back up. Matt Brown is taking control of the last 15 seconds throwing combos. Horn sounds.
Jon says: Brown takes the round 10-9 (stole it in the last 15 seconds)

Round Two: No feeling out process this time and Howard goes straight for the takedown. Brown goes for a takedown of his own but Howard sprawls, tries to take Brown’s back and fails. They’re back up. Howard has a leg hooked again with Brown’s back against the cage and is dedicated to completing the takedown. Brown is looking for the standing guillotine but as long as Howard keeps pressing Brown against the cage it won’t be an issue. Brown trips Howard, and chases him and lands in half-guard. Looks like Brown is looking to sink a side choke as soon as he gets in position. Brown is still on top and trying to pass a tired Howard’s guard. Howard spins for an armbar, misses, and goes for a leg lock. Doesn’t land either. Matt Brown, working out of the submissions, gets on his back and goes for a triangle. He transitions into an omoplata attempt. Howard stands up and is out of danger just as the horn sounds.
Jon says: Brown takes the round 10-9

Round Three: Howard has his hands high and looks like he’s ready to strike. Brown shoots and lands a takedown. Howard looks frustrated, but has his back against the cage and has a chance to stand back up. He’s up, and takes the back of Brown. He’s found no success on Brown’s back at all, and things don’t change; Brown is right back up. Howard once again has a leg hooked, picks Brown up above his head and STILL can’t land a takedown. They break up and Brown lands a nice knee to the body of Howard. Howard’s hands are low and his head is wobbling after getting punches… he’s gassed. But he still shoots for another takedown, this time successful. Howard passes Brown’s guard and is now in half-guard. Brown has Howard’s right knee locked up good, preventing Howard from transitioning even further. Howard goes for a kimura but the horn sounds.
Jon says: Brown takes the round 10-9

Official Decision: Matt Brown defeats John Howard via unanimous decision (29-28)

Charlie Brenneman (170.6) vs. Rick Story (170.4)

Round One: Brenneman has an over under, but Story throws him right on the ground. Brenneman gets right back up, gets pressed on the fence and breaks free. Brenneman has the over under again, pushes Story against the fence. Story turns it around and now Brenneman is against the fence. As Story backs away, they exchange power strikes. Standing, Brenneman has Story’s back but Story escapes. Brenneman gets a takedown and is inside Story’s guard and immediately passes to half-hard. He presses his foot inside Story’s locked legs, and easily passes to side control. Story gets him back in half guard, and now a closed guard. Story is holding on, and Brenneman is staying active striking Story’s body. Story is trying to swing his leg back and trap Brenneman arm or get a butterfly hook but fails, odd move form that position. Charlie tries to posture up, Story throws up a triangle attempt but Brenneman shrugs it off. Story has one butterfly hook in, and is attacking Brenneman’s thigh with his heel and the horn sounds.
Jon says: Brenneman takes the round 10-9

Round Two: Brenneman is still bouncing on his feet, sees Story’s front leg exposed and gets a single leg takedown. They scramble, Brenneman lands on top but is in a guillotine position but doesn’t have his guard closed. Brenneman spins around, escapes and gets back to his feet. Story connects with a jab and a lunging knee to the body. Charlie feigns a hook and dives for a double leg takedown and nails it. He’s in half guard and is pressing his body weight on Story’s upper body. Story is on his back and looks pretty lost, he’s looking to his corner and pulling rubber guard. Brenneman is now in Story’s open guard and not much activity is taking place. Brenneman tries to hop over Story’s guard, which is dangerous, but doesn’t get anywhere and Story fails a roll through attempt. Story goes for another guillotine, but in the process lets Brenneman get to side control. Brenneman is in half guard but is staying active enough for the referee to keep it on the ground. Brenneman learns his lesson, and instead of trying to hop over executes a nice stepover into side control. The round ends and it’s another dominant round from Brenneman.
Jon says: Brenneman takes the round 10-9

Round Three: Story’s mouth is open and he’s shaking his arms at the beginning of the round, he’s trying to get the blood and oxygen flowing. Brenneman lands another takedown but ends up in another peculiar position, Story could land an armbar. They’re battling for positioning and the referee stands them up while Story was working hard on an armbar! Insanely bad call. Brenneman shoots, lands takedown, lands in the same position as last time but this time Story tires to lock in a triangle. He lets Brenneman go, takes Brenneman’s back and lands a triangle from the back. Story is tired and Brenneman escapes. Story has Brenneman against the cage, Brenneman shifts his position but Story transitions to full mount. Story, for some reason, has one foot flat near the shoulder of Brenneman, allowing Brenneman to shrimp out, hip escape and the round ends with Brenneman on top. Close round… sure Brenneman landed a lot of takedowns but he almost walked into a lot of submissions.
Jon says: Story takes the round 10-9

Official Decision: Charlie Brenneman defeats Rick Story via. unanimous decision (29-28)

Pat Barry (243) vs. Cheick Kongo (234.4)

Round One: No glove touch. Kongo is sporting a mountain-man beard. Kongo immediately throws a leg kick, and Barry responds with one of his own. Barry goes for a takedown but Kongo throws him off. Kongo lands a leg kick to the thigh with a THUD. Ouch. Both fighters are keeping their distance and are still feeling each other out. Barry is starting to check Kongo’s kicks. Barry drops Kongo with a right hook that lands right behind the ear! Kongo drops and Barry is chasing him. Kongo is back up, and gets dropped by another punch! Barry is recklessly going for the KO and Kongo lands a right punch that knocks Barry OUT COLD! That was the MOST INSANE comeback I’ve ever seen in the history of the UFC. Cheick Kongo pulls off a Chris Leben rising from the dead, and puts Barry to sleep with his eyes open. Amazing.

Official Decision: Cheick Kongo defeated Pat Barry via. KO in Round 1

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Edward Johnson defeated Michael Faaloloto via TKO (punches) at 4:42 of Round 1

Ricardo Lamas defeated Matt Grice via TKO (strikes) 4:41 at of Round 1

Charles Oliveira defeated Nik Lentz via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:48 of Round 2

Rich Attonito defeated Daniel Roberts via unanimous decision (29-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Joe Lauzon defeated Curt Warburton via submission (kimura) at 1:58 of round 1

Joe Stevenson (146) vs. Javier Vazquez (145.8)

Round Two: Versus decided to air the preliminary bouts live so stay tuned for live play-by-play. The round starts with a long feeling out process from both men. About a minute and a half into the third round, Vasquez, with his back to the cage, trips Stevenson and is on top. Vasquez spins and takes Stevenson’s back. Joe spins out, gets back on his feet and presses Vasquez against the cage. He scores a takedown but Vasquez is back on his feet immediately. Joe’s corner is screaming for takedowns. Stevenson whiffs a punch. Just as the horn sounds, Stevenson goes for a cartwheel kick that fails.
Jon says: Vasquez takes the round 10-9

Round Three: Joe seems content with trying to outbox Vasquez, despite the fact that his corner is hollering for takedowns. Stevenson needs to score points, and he lands a slapping leg kick. Both men seem to be tired, and have almost fallen over after not connecting with combos. Another long feeling out process but Vasquez connects with a weak hook. Not a good display of offense from either fighter as it seems that a lack of gas in their tank seems to be the issue. The horn sounds, putting an end to a lackluster round.
Jon says: Vasquez takes the round 10-9

Official Decision: Javier Vasquez defeats Joe Stevenson via. unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Manny Gamburyan (145.8) vs. Tyson Griffin (145.8)

Round One: Everybody is booing the referee, Chip Snider. He must have made a bad call earlier in the night. Griffin connects with an unchecked leg kick. Manny, as expected, is circling around the octagon with his right cocked back and ready to blow. Manny throws a leg kick of his own that connects on the thigh of Griffin. Griffin answers with a leg kick of his own. Manny lands a takedown, but Griffin’s back is against the cage and he should be able to scoot up. Griffin gets up, and gets hit with a knee that connects at about 60%. Manny is going for a guillotine. Griffin connects with a couple short elbows and has Manny’s back on the cage, but Manny executes a nice judo throw and is on Griffin’s back. Griffin is up once again, with his back against the cage and Manny has one underhook trying to complete another takedown. They separate off the cage and the horn sounds.
Jon says: Gamburyan takes the round 10-9.

Round Two: Griffin opens up the round with yet another shin-to-thigh leg kick. Griffin slightly connects with a kick to the body of Gamburyan, but Gamburyan counters with a combo that backs Griffin up. Griffin connects with two more nice leg kicks, ducks under a combo and sprawls a takedown attempt from Gamburyan. They’re back up to their feet and Griffin connects with another leg kick. The quiet, thudding ones are brutal and those are the kinds of kicks Griffin is connecting with. Gamburyan has to change his gameplan. Time out due to unintentional low-blow from Griffin. Time in. Manny’s left leg is bright red, and Gamburyan is trying to shift his weight to his right leg. Manny is swinging for the KO punch, but Griffin ducks and lands a counter right hook. Another low blow from Griffin, time out. Time in, no points taken off. Horn sounds and round two ends.
Jon says: Griffin takes the round 10-9.

Round Three: Gamburyan goes for a takedown, but Griffin sprawls. Gamburyan goes for another takedown, Griffin sprawls again but Griffin goes back to his feet. Griffin connects with a nice left hook to the body. They clinch, and Griffin presses Gamburyan against the cage. They dirty box and the referee is warning to separate them due to inactivity. They separate anyway and Gamburyan lands a takedown. He has Griffin’s back and they’re standing up. Griffin lands a takedown of his own, but Gamburyan is back to his feet. They’re against the cage again and Griffin is landing some brutal knees to the body and left thigh of Gamburyan. Griffin lands a solid leg kick again, but Gamburyan catches the leg and goes for a takedown. Two takedown attempts from Gamburyan, two sprawls from Griffin. Gamburyan lands the takedown, but nothing will follow up on it as the horn sounds signaling the end of the third and final round.
Jon says: Griffin takes the round 10-9

Official Decision: Tyson Griffin defeats Manny Gamburyan by way of majority decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-29)

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