NFL News: Terrell Owens Injured

According to, Terrell Owens has underwent knee surgery during the off-season. The surgery was done on his ACL, and it is currently rumored by two different sources that he either injured himself during a television shoot, or during a personal workout. Nonetheless, the cause is unconfirmed at this time, and it looks as if he will need about six months to recover, at best.

Owens ended his season last year in Week 14 with torn meniscus cartilage in his left knee, but sources indicate that this new injury is not related to the previous injury.

This injury could place Owens’ career in jeopardy, as it is often difficult for a receiver to bounce back from a knee injury. Owens ranks second only to Jerry Rice in receiving yardage all-time, and ranks third in receiving touchdowns behind Rice and Randy Moss.

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