The Big C Episode 2-1 Review: Losing Patients

I didn’t feel like reviewing the season premiere of The Big C because I had so many misgivings about the first season, which was plagued by numerous problems. The biggest was that Cathy never told anyone about her cancer until the end of the season, so for the majority of the season, she’d act out of character, the other characters wouldn’t know how to react, and everything would be awkward. And that’s pretty much what first season was, someone hiding the truth for no good reason, leading to a lot of misunderstanding.

But since that silliness is over, The Big C is on much stronger ground now. Paul knows about her cancer and tries to help Cathy instead of doing whatever he was doing in the first season. It’s a huge plus that Cathy can be open to someone. Even if the other parts of the show remain the same–Sean being a weirdo and Adam being lame–the show has still improved.

Score: 8.6/10