Treme Episode 2-10 Review: That’s What Lovers Do

One thing I never understood is why people hated on Sonny so much in the first season. Sure, he was doped up and leeched off Annie, but in comparison to Davis, he wasn’t that bad. Davis, instead of being mellow, was straight-up annoying, being loud and an ass. That’s part of the reason why I thought Davis finally got his comeuppance in the episode, when he finally realizes that he may not have what it takes to be a star in the music business. Sonny, in comparison, has a steady job and is acknowledged by Annie to have helped people from the rooftops.

Not much happened in the episode happened to be honest. Perhaps the biggest change was Antoine’s band losing Wanda after Antoine’s pompousness pisses her off. Sofia finally makes a right decision by rejecting pot and the cute musician. Back in New Orleans, Albert and Delmond’s music turns out great and appears to be going ahead well. But other than that, it was mostly the same stuff: more investigating by Toni and Colson, more Nelson buying property, more Ladonna having trouble, more of Antoine’s wife getting mad at him, more Janette being a good chef in the wrong city.

With the season finale next week, the table is set for some changes. Every character has had something change these past few weeks, for the better or worse, and now we’ll see what happens in the end.

Score: 8.8/10