Weeds Episode 7-1 Review Bags

Weeds was once a show respect by everyone–viewers, critics, award shows. It really captured the idea of the suburban mom forced into the weed business, led down a dark, dangerous path with dark humor and a good amount of drama. But then Weeds kept going and going, always playing the same games with the plot and characters and it got old after a few seasons.

After a while I stopped caring, and in its seventh season, I wasn’t planning on reviewing episodes unless I liked them. Since I’m reviewing “Bags,” it’s safe to say that I liked it, not so much for the episode itself but for the direction this season is going in. It feels like a fresh start, after a three-year time skip. Nancy is living in a halfway house, Andy, Shane, Silas, and Doug (he’s definitely a problematic character like many characters in previous seasons which should have been done away with long ago) living in Denmark, and Stevie with Nancy’s sister Jill. Best of all, Esteban is dead, according to Lipschitz, so there won’t be more worrying about him.

With this fresh start, Weeds has a lot to work with. How does Nancy cope with the constraints of the halfway house after being cooped up in prison for three years? What is Jill doing with Stevie? How will she react to Andy and Shane? Will she reconnect with Silas? f course, most are wondering what the hell she’s doing with the guns and grenades.

Score: 8.8/10