Flashpoint Spoilers: What Is The Source Of Project Superman’s Powers?

You’d think with a name like “Project Superman” that the powers would be Kryptonian based, and you’d be half right. In reality, the Project started three years before the meteor shower hit Earth, before Kal El landed. And the subject they used to derive the abilities from had been in their control for forty years before the meteors even hit.

They call the source “Subject Six”, and while we aren’t shown who it is during the issue there’s an editors note to remind us that…we’ve already met Six. Of course, those of us with rampant DC knowledge know better than to call him Six. We know the same name Booster used for him.

We call him Doomsday.

Doomsday means that, technically, the powers are derived from a Kryptonian, as Doomsday was created on Krypton to terraform the planet thousands of years ago. Now, his powers wouldn’t lead you to believe that his DNA would create a Superman, but he does have an evolution power. He adapts and changes to overcome new threats, which could explain how Subject Zero gets his new abilities as it’s said that new ones keep developing. He’s evolving to become undefeatable, just like Doomsday.

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