Mill Creek To Reissue That ’70s Show And Others

Mill Creek will reissue several of the biggest TV shows produced by Carsey-Werner on September 13th. Each boxset is priced far below their original price with original broadcast running times for several of them. Sitcom fans won’t have to worry about taking a second mortgage on their house.

In the last few years the cast of That ’70s Show keeps popping up in strange places. Mila Kunis had Oscar buzz. Ashton Kutcher replaced Bruce Willis in Demi Moore’s bed and Charlie Sheen on the set of Two and a Half Men. Topher Grace was spotted at a Ralph’s Supermarket by my cousin. That ’70s Show – Season One andSeason Twocan be snagged for $14.98 SRP. Ashton will tweet who has the best deal. Biggest Hits has 10 episodes from the first four seasons at the flashback price of $5.98.

Nick At Night favorite Roseanne gets bigger and cheaper from the previous DVDs. Roseanne – The Complete 1st Season and Roseanne – The Complete 2nd Season are priced at $14.98 SRP, The box art promises “The Complete, UNCUT Original Broadcast Edits.”

The ABCFamily mainstay Grounded for Life has the first two seasons reissued. Grounded For Life – Season 1 and Grounded for Life – Season 2 are offered at a $9.98 SRP each.

Before he became a dreaming superstar in Inception, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was an alien. 3rd Rock from the Sun – The Complete Season 1 and 3rd Rock from the Sun – The Complete Season 2. Once more the box art promises fans “The Complete, UNCUT Original Broadcasts Edits.” Each season has an $9.98 SRP each.

Also being offered on Sept. 13 is another classic TV show. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – The Complete 2nd Season wraps up the legendary toyline turned animated series. The final 65 episodes are spread over 8 DVDs The boxset will pump you up with a $29.98 SRP.

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