Treme Episode 2-11 Review: Do Whatcha Wanna

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Through the ups and downs of the season, the characters of Treme end the season in good places, looking forward to what’s ahead. It’s not all peaches and cream, but given where certain characters were at in the middle of the season, everything has mostly balanced out.

What stands out most is Toni and Sofia having a good time after all the hardship this season. They got through the trying time and it’s for the better as they understand each other and their situation better, and can move ahead now.

For Davis, who seemed on the verge of a big musical career, he comes crashing down, replaced by those more talented than him. But it may be more the better since Mimi is happy to announce how much money she’s earned and Davis gets to go back to DJing at the radio station (assuming the manager lets him back). Similarly, Antoine becomes disenchanted from his experiences with his band–the absences, others getting better gig–and the band is dissolved. He turns to teaching which is both a stable job, and he seems to like it.

After a season of going from place to place, Janette returns home and starts a potential romance with Jacques and will be in charge of a new New Orleans restaurant. I don’t think her plot really went anywhere this season, but it’s nice to see her back.

The Abreu plot doesn’t get resolved and reinforces the culture of corruption we’ve seen this season and the harm it causes to individuals. After pushing too hard, Colson is sent back to his uniform position while his relationship with Toni is broken. There is progress, however, with Colson meeting with the FBI. While it might not make up for past hurt, Colson has a chance to right wrongs and possibly get back in Toni’s graces.

I think many people got the impression that there was a struggle between Nelson’s love of New Orleans and wanting to earn, but I didn’t quite see it that way. Nelson was a scumbag through and through who was too blind to even have this struggle. In his mind, he was helping the city through his dealings, even if he was taking a percentage off the top. When his cousin asks him what he actually does, Nelson thinks he is somehow integral to the process, a producer of some kind. But he isn’t. He’s a leech who went to New Orleans to take advantage of money flowing through government. Whatever goodwill he had was blown right when he got into business. So, I was very happy when all the deals fell through and he was left with nothing.

I don’t have time to comment on every character, but I want to comment on LaDonna plot which was done very well. She may rail against the ineffectual police and government, but LaDonna is a fighter who cares about the city and its legacy. Larry acknowledges this and agrees to move to New Orleans to be with her, ending the season on a happy note after so much pain.

Score: 9.3/10

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