Big Brother 2011 Spoilers: Golden Key Twist Revealed, Rachel Wins HOH

In tonight’s season premiere of Big Brother, Jeff & Jordan, Dick & Daniele, & Brendon & Rachel returned to the house and Rachel won the first HOH.

Julie Chen also revealed the Golden Key twist of the season. She said:

“Being nominated this summer will be both a blessing and a curse! As in the past one houseguest will be evicted, but a huge advantage awaits the houseguest that survives the chopping block. It’s called the “Big Brother Golden Key”. The golden key guarantees a spot in the top 10. Anyone who survives in the first 4 weeks cannot be nominated till only 10 of you remain. And because the holder of the golden key cannot be evicted, they will not participate in any competitions during that time. However, they will vote for eviction.”

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