Flashpoint Spoilers: Project Superman’s Subjects Zero Through Six. Who Are Missing?

Some of these “Subjects” are revealed in Flashpoint #3 on stands now. So don’t read on if you do not want these spoiled.


Ok, let’s begin.

Subject Zero is Neil Sinclair (likely Wildstorm’s Apollo).

Subject One is Kal-el (Superman) from Krypton.

Subject Two is Kal-el’s dog from Krypton Krypto.

Subject Three is implied to be Kal-el’s cousin from Krypton Kara (Supergirl).

But, who are Subject Four and Subject Five?

Could they be some new form of Superboy / clone experiment? Perhaps an experimented on Lucy Lane as Superwoman? Power Girl? An experimented on John Henry Irons (Steel)?

Perhaps these ones are less likely? General Zod? Jor-El and Lara? The Eradicator? Mon-El? Maybe one of them is a superman-archetype hero Mister Majestic from Wildstorm?


Subject Six is Doomsday with his Kryptonian manufactured DNA. Seems odd though that Subject Six would be the source, in part, of Subject Zero’s powers. I imagine this will be explained as the Project Superman mini continues.

Do you think there are more than six “Subjects”?

Interesting, interesting. 🙂

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