Royal Pains Episode 3-2 Review: But There’s a Catch

“But There’s a Catch” resembles most episodes of Royal Pains.The medical plot has some urgency to it, resolved eventually by Hank’s wacky MacGyver medicine, and the plots for the other characters move along nicely at the same time. There is the Hampton’s “twist,” with rich people playing football to provide the setting and it makes for a light, fun episode.

Divya not depositing her checks was manufactured out of nowhere since Evan would have noticed that if he were a competent accountant, but it does leave her with nothing now that her parents have cut her off. It serves as a constant reminder that her parents no longer want anything to do with her and leads to some good scenes between Divya and Evan. And, in the true spirit of the Hamptons, Divya’s spirits are lifted, at least for now, when she gets a new, expensive car.

What’s up with Paige? Her problem is probably medical, assuming she didn’t lie to Hank, but then again, she was very distraught over something. The television cliche would be pregnancy, though Royal Pains doesn’t seem like the kind of show that would do that.

Even more confusing than Paige’s condition is what the writers want to do with Jill. I never thought she really got enough screen time to be that significant, even to Hank, and I always thought she could get more to now. Now, on the verge of going back to Uruguay, she hangs out with Hank for a while, but it’s a pretty lax affair. What do the writers want to do with her character? Constantly do this push-pull thing with Hank?

Score: 8.7/10