NFL 2011 Mock Fantasy Draft: Daniel’s Top 20 Fantasy QBs

Along with my Big Board, I will be posting an discussion post like this to voice my opinion on the 2011 fantasy draft. In this list, I will be placing my arguements for the best of the best at the QB position. Love it or hate it, it is merely my opinion, and this post is for DISCUSSION. Now that I have that taken care of, lets get started.

1. Michael Vick: Whether you love him or hate him, Vick was incredible last season. In the twelve games that Vick played in last season, he averaged 27.95 fantasy points per game, leading the quartebacks in that stat, being a passing and running threat. He even got stronger as the season rolled along, which is a much needed concern for playoff hopes. In my opinion, he’s where you go to as the first QB on the board.

2. Tom Brady: Now, I know what you’re thinking; “Brady over Rodgers! That’s ridiculous!”. I don’t think so. Last season, we saw the dominant, super-bowl Brady we all know return after “the injury”. As your league’s MVP with the most passing touchdowns of any QB, expect Brady to keep rolling. With Belichick on the sideline, expect a ton of passing attempts this year for #12.

3. Aaron Rodgers: While most sports analysts have Rodgers on the top of their boards, the super bowl MVP doesn’t have me sold. He is an extremely talented QB, and I would love to have him on my team, be wary. With the return of Ryan Grant, Rodgers will lose a couple passing attempts per game and may even lose a few touchdowns. Also, his offensive line halfway through the season seemed to be wearing down at times, getting him hit more and more often until the concussion. Just a couple thoughts, but it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you draft him at one.

4. Peyton Manning: Even though the ol’ Tennessee Volunteer is aging fast, he is still an incredible QB. Having the third highest stat in fantasy points scored last year, he is still getting his attempts, still getting the touchdowns, and still being the defense-shredding beast that he is. It would be no stretch to grab Manning as the fourth QB off the board.

5. Drew Brees: Who doesn’t love having Brees on your side when its playoff time. Last season he put up similar numbers to the QBs listed above, but there was just one lingering problem for me, Interceptions. He threw 22 picks(-44 points in an average league) which, personally, is unacceptable of your starting QB. While it may improve this season, it seems to me that defenses have learned some of Brees’ tricks, and it might just be the same result.

6. Matt Schaub: While he didn’t have as great of numbers as Rivers last year, I feel that will change this year. With Owen Daniels, one of the best tight ends in the league, benched by injury for the majority of the season, Schaub lost a much needed weapon. Even so, he still had one of the higher point totals in the league. For all you “nay-sayers” out there, I have two words for you; “Andre Johnson!”

7. Phillip Rivers: What can’t I say about the talents of Phillip Rivers. He is an all-around beast at the QB position, and I expect just the same from him this year. There are only two concerns I have:
1. The return of Ryan Matthews may take a few passing attempts away from Rivers.
2. The recieving core, with the Vincent Jackson issues, looks kind of shaky to me.

8. Tony Romo: Many people, at a fantasy standpoint, get really nervous when drafting Romo due to the injuries. However, we cannot discredit the fact that he can get it to his receivers on point. Receivers such as Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, and Jason Witten make defenses around the league cringe. As long as he can still do what he’s been doing, he would be a great pick for any fantasy team.

9. Matt Ryan: Matt really showed us last year where he is as a fantasy QB. I was really impressed with his work ethic and results, and I feel that all he can do is improve. With Roddy White and Tony Gonzales at his side, he can be ruthless to would be defenders, and can be an absolutely explosive player for your fantasy team.

10. Eli Manning: Manning had a good season last year. He hit his receivers, scored touchdowns and won games. He even had the fourth most touchdown of all active QBs last year, but he was the leader of another stat. He had the dreaded most interceptions stat with 25 of them, which is -50 points to your season. I like Eli, but that is appauling, and is why he is lowered on my board. He is a great QB, but until the interceptions come down, he can be a fantasy pain.

11. Joe Flacco: With an average of 16.7 fantasy points per game, 25 touchdowns, and only 10 interceptions last season, Flacco is a great grab at #11. His all-around play and never-give-up mentality is sure to lead you to the next level. The main concern is the number of passing to rushing plays has always been heavily favored on the running backs’ side, so while Flacco is a gem, understand he may not get the numbers you might want out of him.

12. Ben Roelisberger: I bet some people were thinking that I forgot about the Super Bowl runner-up, but I didn’t. Now postseason stats are important, but they don’t count for fantasy football’s sake. Big Ben is an outstanding QB when he’s healthy, and he’s tough in those situations. A well seasoned veteran who’s consistent. For this game, you couldn’t ask anything more than that consistency.

13. Josh Freeman: This kid sure had one coming-out party this year. Averaging 16.9 fantasy points per game, 25 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions, he’s one to keep on your radar. As he grows in this league, don’t be shocked to see him high up on the fantasy boards. This kid is something special.

14. Sam Bradford: While we’re on the topic of young, developing fantasy QBs, here’s another to add to your potential list. With a 15.1 fantasy average last season and 18 touchdowns, this young QB has had time to develop his game and his chemistry with his team, so expect his numbers to rise from last season.

15. Matthew Stafford: Next on this list is for the Detroit faithful. I feel that after the plagueing injuries that have come Stafford’s way, it is his time to shine. In the three games that he was able to play, he averaged 17.1 fantasy points per game, which is on the higher end of the QB spectrum. If he can stay healthy, look to him as a strong substitute QB.

16. Mark Sanchez: The QB averaged 15.25 fantasy points per game with 17 touchdowns. My concerns for this good QB is if his team will be able to keep the receivers he has to work with, but we can only wait until the lockout ends. Another grueling concern is the pass to rush ratio of the New York Jets and how it really doesn’t favor him. Either way, if you’re in a bind and need a QB, I would go with Sanchez.

17. Jason Campbell: Look for Jason Campbell’s impact on the league to heighten as his time with the Raiders continues. He has a nice touch to the ball, with deceptively talented weapons at his disposal. Althought the pass to rush ratio is against him, I still feel that he will make a big push towards the numbers. I would look at this guy if you need a reliable substitute.

18. Jay Cutler: As time rolls along for the bears and Cutler, more and more they seemed to mesh into a strong team. With one season behind him, expect Cutler to return from that injury ready to fight for that tough NFC North Division. With weapons like Devin Hester and Johnny Knox, Cutler is sure to get some much needed points for your fantasy team.

19. David Garrard: This guy was my sleeper last year, and he did not disappoint. With M.J.D. taking the eyes of the defense off Garrard, he has put up some solid numbers at Jacksonville. Unseen weapons like Mike-Sims Walker and Mike Thomas can light up the scoreboard on any Sunday. If you are concerned about the QB position and need fuel to your fire, look nowhere else. He may be old, but he’s still got game.

20. Cameron Newton: As a fantasy player, I have always loved the idea of the dual threat, in this case, running and passing. The kid knows how to win, otherwise, he wouldn’t have a Heisman or a National Championship. The dual threat found in Vick could possibly be found in a late pick as well. Mark my words, if Newton starts, he could easily become fantasy Rookie of the Year.

If you’re still looking for help and don’t know where to go, some sleepers at the QB position would be:
1. Ryan Fitspatrick
2. Matt Cassel
3. Andy Dalton
4. Christian Ponder
5. Kyle Orton

My next post will be on the Top RBs of 2011…

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