The Gold Standard: Top Five Moments Of The Week Returns!

It’s been a bit of an absence, and while in the case of some weeks it has been due to a lack of five moments I deemed worthy of hitting the top five, there have been others where I’ve been busy…and others where I’ve just been plain lazy. But that’s the past! So enjoy yourselves as I bring you my top five moments from this past week, and as surprising as it may be, a book I completely thrashed is getting one!

5. I’ve got a tie here, with two books that show up later on the chart. So let’s give some love to Flashpoint and Secret Six here.

Welcome to the DC Universe Grifter, enjoy the ride.

Oh King Shark, how your antics never get old.

4. Big brawl with Stuart Immonen art? Yes please. The best part of Matt Fractions Fear Itself #4.

3. Oh Kitty, how I missed you being tangible and able to speak. Kieron Gillen shows an early knack for these characters while Greg Land continues to offend my eyes with his tracing in Uncanny X-Men #540

2. Batman always has one liners; it must be something Bruce got from his father. Check it out in Flashpoint #3 by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert.

1. As if the Jim Calafiore drawn King Shark charging towards these people wasn’t enough, Gail Simone goes ahead and gives him the most hilarious lines possible. I’m going to miss this book. From Secret Six #35.




Hope you liked it!

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