10 Thoughts on TNA IMPACT WRESTLING 7.14.2011 – Austin Aries, Sting, Kurt Angle

Reviewing the 7/14/11 episode of IMPACT WRESTLING…

1.  I don’t know if it’s just me, but after watching Destination X and the X-Division take center stage, this Immortal vs. Sting business just isn’t doing it for me. Not that it ever was, but watching this entirely too long segment to start the show just made me long for last Sunday and some wrestling action. You know, TNA? Total Non-Stop Action?

2. So here we have the Bound For Glory series and touting guys who are on hot streaks like Gunner, Crimson and Devon when in fact guys I DO want to see pushed, Samoa Joe, Robert Roode and The Pope are all left with zero points. This just proves to me that TNA is doing the exact opposite of what I want to see. While understanding they are trying to build new stars, let them earn it. Joe, Roode and The Pope have proven to me they can talk, they can go and that they entertain when given the platform. So why on earth did they come into this Impact with NO POINTS?!? With the gambling theme at the start, it’s ironic that TNA is too busy trying to establish guys who might have upside potential, emphasis on MIGHT when they are squandering three guys who I think have proven they have that potential in so many categories. At least one of them garnered some points this week and the other two were given some consideration afterwards in the form of Joe’s outburst and rage on referee Earl Hebner and the following segment…

3. I’m not sure how much longevity Devon has as as a singles wrestler. While I might be one of the few that enjoyed the Brother Devon gimmick in WWE which launched the career of Deacon Batista, he just kind of seems like the lost end of the Dudley Boys right now which is what happened to Bubba Ray in WWE. I do have to give credit to Devon for definitely carrying his segment when he went off on the Pope for talking to his boys backstage. While The Pope may not have been scripted to shine, Devon definitely was believable in the protective father role. Good stuff. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with this story. Having Devon eventually end up as Deacon Devon to The Pope could work if the story is done right.

4. TNA definitely made a huge acquisition in A Double Austin Aries. He is one of the few guys in the mold of a Kurt Angle that can do for the X-Division what Kurt does for the heavyweights and make almost any match enjoyable. He delivered the goods in having a very entertaining match with Shannon Moore. I like how they made Alex Shelley relevant coming out after the match to call him on the cheating to win. The backstage post match interviews with everyone involved talking about what just happened was a very nice touch as well. I always loved it when WWE would do that on PPV’s back in the day, so seeing it utilized on a TV show, the passion and post match high interviews always make for great watching.

5. Early on in my TNA reviews back when I started reviewing the shows even originally for the Pulse’s own Kelly Floyd’s Fresh off the Mat site, I complimented them on some very stellar videos. It’s been a while since I’ve been impressed since last year, but TNA managed to put together a very awesome Destination X video package as well as a tremendous Bound For Glory PPV hype package. This really helps elevate the show in my opinion. It’s months away but when they start to hype and treat it like their Wrestlemania, then that passion and enthusiasm will bleed over into it’s fanbase. This video takes them another step towards it. Very very well done.

6. Wow. I think after tonight no one can deny that someone is absolutely in love with Gunner in the booking committee. C’mon, Abyss and Steiner the two biggest guys in Immortal were taken down by one Clown/Fortune member, but it took all of Fortune in clown disguises to take out Gunner? Whoa, boy. Easy there, TNA. Gunner is not the biggest thing since sliced bread. And can I just say that the Jarrett retreating segment while fittingly so was made to be so incredibly dumb by Karen’s overracting/terrible acting when she predictably opened the hatchback to reveal a clown? Her screaming was so terrible and fake that I would have either cut the segment short or muted her. C’mon, Karen. I’ve seen you do better. Maybe not much better, but that was downright awful and pathetic. Also, why did AJ Styles say Bully Ray was taken care of? Could they have shown why AJ thought this? Should they have at least shown Bully Ray locking himself in Hogan’s office holding a baseball bat or his chain or something to show he wasn’t going to be coming out anytime soon? At least give some type of credence to what AJ said otherwise he looks downright stupid for letting him off the hook. In fact, if you were AJ, wouldn’t Bully have been the first one you wanted to beat the crap out of given their history?

7. Line of the Night:

Jeff Jarrett to Eric Bischoff(and Immortal)

Jeff Jarrett“Eric…Did you not say a little over a month ago to look at the glass not half empty but half full? Put some tequila in there(and) you don’t have a choice.”

8.  Move of the Night:

Austin Aries Slingshot into a corkscrew splash

Nice way to finish off Shannon Moore after hitting him with a chain.

9. Notable Matches from 7/14/11:

a. Bound For Glory Series Match

The Pope vs. Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode

Finally one of these guys gets on the BFG board. Now if they can only get wins against other guys to move up. The match was very fast paced, hard hitting and entertaining. I enjoyed the finish, but thought Joe’s argument would have  more merit if Roode was tapping as Earl hit three. It might have tainted his win a tad, but timing is everything and would have been an even cooler finish had that happened. Great match, tho. However, I think the three way matches should be worth more points. It would allow the wrestlers more of a chance to catch up with a big Three-Way victory.

b. Austin Aries vs.  Shannon Moore

Very good for a Shannon Moore match. Aries has the unique ability to make any match he is in entertaining. Moore busts out some big moves when he has the right opponent and the match had a nice story to it. Love Aries cheating even if he doesn’t have to.

10.  Final Show Thoughts:

The X-Division had a presence on the show which is hopefully a good sign moving forward. A nice video plug for next week’s Kendrick vs. Shelley X-Division title match was shown as well. Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James was also made for next week. So two title matches. Not bad. I like the new look of the British Invasion with the Soccer style shirts and new tights. Credit the bookers for allowing them to explain the Rob Terry situation as well. They ended up losing to Mexican America who’s act is getting stale while BI reinvented itself and was showing great fire and gelled as a cohesive unit. Typical wrong guys get the victory. Not a terrible match by no means, but Rosita’s interference helped her team when. Mex America are the new number one contenders for Beer Money’s tag titles. Tara defeated Madison Rayne with the psychological weapon, the return of her pet tarantula…Poison. Sting mentioned Dixie Carter and a new mission to reinstate Dixie back into her rightful role in TNA at the beginning of the program. Could the return of the old Hulk Hogan be put off because of Hulk’s leak and letting the cat out of the bag in an outside interview? Kurt Angle made a statement about getting his title shot at Hardcore Justice, revenge on Anderson win or lose and getting a chance to beat Sting for the first time at  the next PPV. Very nice to see Kurt getting a high profile big time match. Kurt Angle after all of the clowns were supposedly revealed as Fortune, was the final one to help Sting regain his World Title when he counteracted the interference of Bully Ray allowing Sting to get the advantage and defeat Anderson for the title. Although the program ended abruptly for someone who just won the World title. That was a bit odd.


Austin Aries, Sting, Kurt Angle

Aries got an impressive win in his return/official contract returned debut, Sting recaptured the World title, Kurt Angle is back in the main event mix which is nothing but a good thing. He built up the potential match with Sting saying he has never defeated him even referencing their empty arena match. Should make for a good match one can hope for Hardcore Justice.

That is all.

M.C. Brown

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