In Stores Now: Releases For July 15 (Justice League Unlimited, Masters of the Universe)

Here are the figures released today on at Noon EST.

DC Universe: Justice League Unlimited

Masters of the Universe Classics
-Clawful (Club Eternia Subscription Figure)
-Buzz Off

MattyCollector All-Star Sale
-Ghostbusters: Ray Stanz
-Ghostbusters: Winston Zeddemore
-Ghostbusters: Peter Venkman
-Ghostbusters: Egon Spangler
-Ghostbusters: Walter Peck
-Ghostbusters 12-Inch: Ray Stanz
-Ghostbusters 12-Inch: Winston Zeddemore
-Ghostbusters 12-Inch: Peter Venkman
-Ghostbusters 12-Inch: Egon Spangler
-Masters of the Universe: He-Man
-Masters of the Universe: Skeletor
-Masters of the Universe: She-Ra
-Masters of the Universe: Battle Cat
-Masters of the Universe: Hordak
-Masters of the Universe: Trap Jaw
-Masters of the Universe: Evil-Lyn
-Masters of the Universe: Panthor
-Justice League Unlimited: Parademon 2-Pack
-Justice League Unlimited: Darkseid & Kalibak 2-Pack
-DC Universe Classics: Superman
-DC Universe 12″ Movie Masters: General Zod
-DC Universe 12″ Movie Masters: Superman
-DC Universe 12″ Movie Masters: Lex Luthor

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