Big Brother 2011 Spoilers: Dominic & Adam Win Power Of Veto, Veterans Feud With Each Other

In today’s Big Brother power of veto competition, Rachel and Brendon were selected to play against Jeff & Jordan and Dominic/Adam.

There are rumors that the competition involved a lot of individual elements with Rachel even agreeing to eat slop for the next two weeks in an attempt to win. From earlier live feeds, it appeared she wanted to win so that she could take Dominic down which would force Jordan to nominate her arch-rival Cassi.

Although reports now have confirmed that Dominic and Adam were victorious (and thereby accomplishing Rachel’s goal anyway), it now appears that there was major feuding between Rachel/Brendon and their allies Jeff/Jordan when Rachel made a catty comment about the HOH (Jordan) not eating the slop and doing everything to win which caused Jeff to get very angry.

As of this posting, it appears they have patched things up but unless Adam can be convinced to not agree with Dominic to use the power of veto (ensuring his golden key with Dominic going home), it seems like a lock that Cassi and Shelly will be nominated with Cassi going home.

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