The Gold Standard: Top Five Moments Of The Week 7/13/11-7/19/11

It was a hell of a week, and it actually was kind of hard to narrow down just which books deserved the picks. But a hilarious death squeaked out politicians who couldn’t keep their mouths shut. We’ve got some web slinging in the name of vengeance, a little revenge car throwing, the DC definition of “GIRL POWER!”, and the most epic shade of green in a while!


5. Who would have thought that when Mark Millar introduced Tony Starks older brother Greggory that the best thing he would do is die? Wait, no, don’t answer that. Ultimate Comics Avengers 4 #6.

4. You don’t screw with Spider-Man or his extended family, otherwise you get this. Dan Slott nails the character in Amazing Spider-Man #665.



3. After years of being tormented about how Doomsday beat him with a car door, Booster got a little revenge in Booster Gold #46…..of course, this was Doomsday he hit.

2.  Batgirl and her amazing friends bring the fight to the Reapers in Batgirl #23.

1. Beware his power….SINESTRO’S MIGHT! Green Lantern #67.

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