Flashpoint Spoilers: Which Two Would Be JLA Members Does Heatwave Kill?

I say two, but I could definitely make it three as Heatwave went to jail after killing the Jason Rusch half of Firestorm, but I’m going to focus on the second issue of Legion of Doom.

The first to fall in this issue is Buddy Baker, known better to fans as Animal Man. He’s a member of the Atomic Skull’s meta-human gang, and was imprisoned for murdering his family…which Buddy claims he didn’t do. Buddy beats the crap out of Mick for a bit, but Mick bites his nose off and curb stomps him. That’s one League member down.


From there Plastic Man rips the controller of the Amazo android out of its skull, and it’s a one legged Ray “The Atom” Palmer. His powers gave him radiation poisoning, and his leg was the price. Mick crushes his head like a grape.

Man, Heatwave is kind of a badass here.

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