SDCC Report: Flashpoint #5 To Show The Journey Into The New 52

At the Flashpoint panel this afternoon at the San Diego Comic C on it was announced that in Flashpoint #5 there would be a double page spread that would show the universe moving from Flashpoint into the New DC Universe. Now, this makes absolute sense as I can’t fathom how they would just randomly dump us without some sort of a bridge, I mean, that’s the whole point of Flashpoint, right?

Flashpoint #5 is one of two books shipping out by DC the last week of August, the other being Justice League #1. Both are written by Geoff Johns (with Andy Kubert drawing Flashpoint and Jim Lee on Justice League). Now, we know that Justice League opens up with an arc several years in the past to show us the origin of the League, but what are the odds that the end of Flashpoint goes directly into Justice League?

Food for thought, and if you’re interested, you can check out my theory on the biggest changes here.

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