Zack Snyder Scouting Chicago’s Union Station For Superman: Man of Steel

Chicago film website Hollywood Snitch wandered into something interesting today: Zack Snyder, currently prepping Superman: Man of Steel, was seen scouting Chicago’s Union Station. See below in a picture, with Snyder conveniently pointed out by HS.

What does this mean? Chicago’s been popular lately to shoot blockbusters, most recently Michael Bay’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and as such it’s not all that surprising that it would be on Snyder’s list for places to shoot. Considering Christopher Nolan, who shot parts of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight in Chicago, is producing the film it’s not all that surprising that Snyder would wind up (at a minimum) scouting locations in the Windy City.

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Source: HollywooD Snitch