DC Comics Relaunch: Batman’s Logic Bomb A YES For Batgirl But A NO For Robin?

In answering a question, at SDCC, as part of Thursday’s DC Comics Relaunch The New 52 panel, about why Barbara Gordon was returning as Batgirl from the disabled super-heroine Oracle, DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio indicated that Barbara Gordon was the most recognizable Batgirl.

I assume he means outside of fandom and outside of the SDCC? If so, that doesn’t square with four or five Robins in the new DCU. Because clearly Dick Grayson is the most recognizable Robin, not Damian Wayne.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m excited about Nightwing (with Dick Grayson), Red Hood and the Outlaws (with Jason Todd), and Teen Titans (with Tim Drake) as part of the DC Comics Relaunch, but DC is pretty inconsistent in there rationale for who is behind what cowl. The Batman Universe gets a pass because it’s a sales leader.

However, clearly Batman and his Robins fly in the face of the rest of the DC Comics Relaunch.

If Batman has been around for five years, how could he possibly have had four Robins or five with Stephanie Brown? (Although, the Stephanie question is even more complicated since she may not have been a Robin or a Batgirl.)

Let alone the fact that having a son as Robin ages Bruce Wayne greatly. I’ve talked about all of this before, but I’m still excited about the grown Robins; I just had hoped for more logic in parts of the DC Comics Relaunch. People will forget in a few years, but the Batman Family, DC’s sales leader, does have some major logic bombs in its corner despite some interesting takes coming on the aged Robins.

And, to tie this up back on Batgirl, Didio also indicated that DC has some plans for Stephanie Brown which appears to be either a mini-series or ongoing. Not firm details though. He said โ€œyes” to both T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and Stephanie Brown. The former was confirmed to return as a mini-series in November with a new #1, so I’m assuming the latter is also some-type-of-solo-book series.

This builds on Didio’s equally cryptic comments about Stephanie as part of a Facebook QA in response to a Q from Nexus Forum regular Kyle Jordan. ๐Ÿ™‚

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