Strikeforce Challengers 17 Live Results and Play by Play

Tonight the Strikeforce Challengers series officially moves inward to their new cozy confines inside the Pearl at the Palms Casino Resort. While Las Vegas is no stranger to Zuffa produced events this will be the first time that Strikeforce will hold a card there. The main event is the rubber match between Roger Bowling and Bobby Voelker. Also on this unusually strong Challengers card are former title holder Sarah Kaufman and the man who last winter reeled off three wins in three months Ovince St. Preux.

Join us live tonight at 11pm EST for live play by play of all the action.

Main Card
Roger Bowling (171) vs. Bobby Voelker (171)
Devin Cole (239) vs. Shawn Jordan (255)
Joe Cason (205) vs. Ovince St. Preux (205)
Liz Carmouche (135) vs. Sarah Kaufman (135)
Adlan Amagov (185) vs. Ron Stallings (184)

Prelim Card (non-televised)
T.J. Cook (204) vs. Lionel Lanham (202)
Ben Lagman (185) vs. Anthony Smith (186)
Bill Cooper (154) vs. Maka Watson (155)
Sterling Ford (155) vs. Brian McLauchlin (156)

Middleweight Bout
Adlan Amagov (7-1-1) vs. Ron Stalling (9-3)

Round 1– Inside leg kick from Stalling to start. Slow start from both fighters. Stalling keeps throwing kicks but they are tentative ones. Amagov returns with a leg kick of his own. Amagov nails Stalling with a straight right, honestly I’m surprised that didn’t floor him. Stalling still has his senses and keeps throwing kicks. The announce team keeps harping on how Stalling needs to get things to the floor. Amagov tries a high kick but it is blocked. Spinning back kick from Amagov lands. Outside leg kick for Amagov. Amagoz throws another wild spinning back kick but it doesn’t even come close. Side kick from Amagov lands on the liver. Stalling goes forward with two big punches, neither really lands, and they tie up along the fence. Amagov is pushing hard for a takedown, he gets it and moves into side control. Stalling gets to his feet but Amagov throws him back to the mat and the round comes to a close. 10-9 Amagov.

Round 2– Stalling comes out hard and fast throwing leg kicks with intent. Amagov fires right back with a series of his own. They come together and both miss shots. Stalling throws a high kick but has it blocked. They tie up and Stalling hits a knee to the face. The fight slows down dramatically, Stalling keeps working the knees though. Stalling remains in control even though he is doing nothing to inflict pain. Knee from Amagov. Stalling goes for a takedown, they break on the way down, roll around and both work their way to the stand up. Stalling starts going for a single leg but Amagov uses the cage to block it. Stalling though once again has him tied up along the fence. Amagov though gets a big throw and then begins to unload fists to Stalling’s face. They stand up and Amagov throws some more big punches that land. Stalling ties him up again but Amagov pushes him away and throws some bombs. Amagov continues to unload as the round comes to a close. He falls to the ground due to a slip and Stalling tries to capitalize but the round ends and it belongs to Amagov. 10-9 Amagov.

Round 3– Amagov picks up right where he left off throwing big looping punches. Stalling stays cool though and weathers the storm long enough to score a takedown. Stalling starts working for a kimura. Amagov isn’t in panic mode and tries to slug his way out of it. Stalling moves into full mount but has to let go of the arm to do so. Amagov tries to reverse it and does so. They get back to their feet and Amagov ties up Stalling against the cage. Some blood starts to flow out of the nose of Stalling. Referee Steve Mazzagatti breaks them up and with 90 seconds left the action starts up again. Amagov keeps at it with his crazy kicks. Amagov goes back to the security of a tie up along the cage. Stalling goes for a guillotine but amagov escapes and throws a spinning back fist on his way out. Stalling tries to get a takedown but Amagov blocks it by holding on to the cage, according to the announce team it is the fourth time he has done so. The fight nears the end and the two combatants slug it out and the final bell sounds. 10-9 Stalling in the closest round of the fight. 29-28 Amagov on the Inside Fights scorecard.

Adlan Amagov def. Ron Stalling via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Women’s 135 Pound Bout
Liz Carmouche (5-1) vs. Sarah Kaufman (13-1)

Round 1– They both come out ready to fight, Carmouche tries to grab Kaufman in a Thai clinch. Kaufman gains control and pins her up against the cage and starts working the knees. They fight for position and both continue to use their knees. Kaufman lands an uppercut. Carmouche reverses things and gets Kaufman stuck. She then starts employing the infamous foot stomps. Carmouche tries to throw her opponent but Kaufman lucks out and lands on Carmouche’s back. Carmouche is able to escape it without suffering any damage and they tie up again. They both start throwing more knees, some of them land at the same time. They break, Kaufman dodges an attack and lands a jab. Carmouche is throwing a lot and landing next to nothing. Kaufman hits a kick, punch combo. They box to end the opening round, Kaufman gets the better of it and steals a crazily close round. Kaufman 10-9.

Round 2– Carmouche charges out of the gate, gets Kaufman smashed up against the cage and works it for a takedown. Kaufman stands right back up though and gets out of the hold. Carmouche is certainly the aggressor here but Kaufman is playing it smart and working her jab very effectively. Carmouche ha a little bit of blood trickling out of her nose. Carmouche hits a big hook but Kaufman keeps steady and continues to dominate thanks to the jab. Big body kick for Carmouche. Predictably Kaufman comes forward with a flurry of jabs. Kaufman tries for a body kick but Carmouche catches it and backs Kaufman up against the cage. They tie up there but kaufman quickly regains control. Carmouche reverses things, then they go back and forth a few times. Kaufman finally pushes away and the two fighters break. Carmouche ducks a shot and goes for an open single leg takedown but Kaufman barely budges. The blood really starts to flow out of Carmouche’s face. The round ends, this one was solidly for Kaufman. 10-9 Kaufman.

Round 3– The ladies come out boxing to open. Kaufman clips her with a nasty straight. Carmouche, oddly enough, goes for another single leg takedown and once again Kaufman has no trouble stuffing it. They tie up against the cage and Kaufman plays tit for tat and goes for her own foot stomps. Kaufman takes her down but gets up as opposed to playing around in Carmouche’s guard. Carmouche goes for another takedown but Kaufman sprawls beautifully to avoid it. Carmouche tries again and Kaufman sprawls again but this time is able to parlay it into some ground and pound. Carmouche turns to leg kicks which land but don’t do any real damage. Kaufman is having far more success with her jabs and boxing. Carmouche hits a nice counter right. Kaufman unloads with a big series of punches. Carmouche tries to grab her in the clinch but has no luck. Kaufman’s boxing has been methodical and wildly successful tonight. The round and fight ends, another easy one for Kaufman. 10-9 Kaufman giving her the fight 30-27 on the Inside Fights scorecard.

Sarah Kaufman def. Liz Carmouche via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Light Heavyweight Bout
Ovince St. Preux (10-4) vs. Joe Cason (8-0)

Round 1– Cason shows no fear in his Strikeforce debut and tries to back St. Preux down. Cason comes in hard and catches a massive knee that drops Cason. St. Preux tries to pounce on him but Cason grabs his leg and tries to hold on for dear life. St. Preux pushes through it and begins to take his back. St. Preux keeps the pressure on high and begins to really demolish Cason with ground and pound. Blood starts to fly off of Cason’s fight, Cason taps to strikes and OSP continues his scorching hot streak.

Ovince St. Preux def. Joe Cason via Submission (Strikes)- Round 1, 1:12

Heavyweight Bout
Devin Cole (18-9-1)vs. Shawn Jordan (11-2)

Round 1– Cole lands a shot in the early stages. Jordan comes back with the always popular outside leg kick. Jordan charges and pushes Cole straight up against the cage. Short elbow for Jordan. They come together and a botched takedown lands Jordan on top of a flattened out Cole. Cole is able to slide out of it and gets Jordan’s back for a half second. THey end up back on their feet. Cole pushes for the takedown but eats a massive fist for his trouble. They end up in the clinch in the center of the cage. Takedown for Cole and he tries to take the back but can’t quite do it. They box and Jordan hits a wicked uppercut that rocks Cole. They tie up along the cage and Jordan hits a knee. They break, Jordan misses a big uppercut and Cole lands a few shots for himself. Jordan catches him with a kick and a punch to end the round. I already had it for Jordan before that but it should really solidify it in the mind’s of the judges. 10-9 Jordan.

Round 2– Jordan hits an uppercut in the opening seconds. The UFC references are totally out of control tonight. Cole lands a softy body kick. Cole lands a left hook. Cole comes in again and lands a few shots. Big knee from Cole to the face of Jordan. Cole has more success from his fists. He lands another combo and finishes it with a body kick. Superman punch from Jordan. Cole seems stunned and goes for a double leg takedown. It takes him a few moments but he eventually gets Jordan to the mat. Cole starts hammering him with knees to the body. Jordan tries to scramble out of it, Cole changes position and blocks it but Jordan keeps clawing and gets out of it. Cole has him ties up and keeps landing knees now from a standing position. Miletich calls out Mazzagatti for allowing an illegal knee from Cole. Cole starts landing knees on the leg of Jordan. Cole pounds him with some big shots to end the round, he then goes between Jordan’s legs to score a few more points as the round ends. 10-9 Cole.

Round 3– The two warriors exchange lots of love as the round starts. Jordan comes hard with a duking punch that does not connect. Uppercut from Cole. Jordan seems to be lowering his hands at this late stage. Jordan throws an uppercut then kind of finds a home. Hook for Jordan. Combo for Cole. The fighters have slowly noticeably. Another uppercut from Jordan. They tie up and Cole is in the driver’s seat. They end up on the ground and Cole is on top thanks to a missed guillotine from Jordan. Cole works his way into half guard and starts landing elbows to the ribs of Jordan. Jordan grabs the left arm of Cole looking for an arm bar and/or kimura I suppose. More elbows to the ribs for Cole. 30 seconds left and Cole is putting on a lay and pray exhibition. A few very short hammerfists for Cole, and the fight ends with Cole on top postionally and on the scorecard. 10-9 Cole giving him the fight 29-28 on the Inside Fights scorecard.

Devin Cole def. Shawn Jordan via unanimous decision (no scores announced)

Welterweight Bout
Roger Bowling (9-1) vs. Bobby Voelker (23-8)

Round 1– Lots of feeling out to start, Bowling lands a few body shots and a body punch. Inside leg kick for Bowling. As usual Bowling is the aggressor and every one of his strikes has real intensity behind it. Bowling misses a big uppersut. Body kick for Bowling. Voelker starts to work the jab but that is all the offense he seems interested in using. They continue to box, Voelker is cautious, Bowling is not. Voelker ducks under a wild hook from Bowling. Bowling pumps him with a big hook. Kick for Bowling. Inside leg kick for Bowling. More boxing until Bowling comes forward and gets a double leg takedown. It doesn’t last as Voelker stands right up and out of it. Body kick for Bowling. And wouldn’t you know it Bowling catches a finger in the eye…there is some delicious deja vu going on here. Bowling shakes it off and they restart. Bowling hits some big punches that rattle Voelker. Body kick from Bowling is blocked. Voelker nails a big jab. Knee for Voelker at the bell but the round belong to his opposition. 10-9 Bowling.

Round 2– Mauro Ranallo tells his weak goggles joke before the round starts. Superman punch from Bowling turns into a takedown which drives Voelker to the canvas. They tie up on the cage and Bowling starts throwing heavy knees. They wrestle their way to a kneeling position. They stand up and Bowling is working short body shots. More knees are exchanged. Bowling comes in and Voelker bangs him with a knee to the head that stuns Bowling in a major way. Voelker senses it and charges forward and starts to wail away on Bowling. Bowling seems to be in major trouble and Voelker does what he needs to do, pounding away and soon enough Bowling stops defending himself and referee Josh Rosenthal calls a stop to the action. Bobby Voelker wins again.

Bobby Voelker def. Roger Bowling via TKO (strikes)- Round 2, 2:16

And that is it for tonight’s card. For more of my thoughts, those of the editorial nature, tune in soon for my 10 thoughts on this card. And, as always, stay with us here at Inside Fights for your latest MMA news and commentary…Good night everybody.

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