DC Comics Relaunch: Batman’s Logic Bomb Drops On Stephanie Brown & Batgirl, Robin, Spoiler No More?

From Thursday’s SDCC Batman discussion we learn that the DC Comics Relaunch universe only had four Robins: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne. And, as “grown ups” now, Dick Grayson is anchoring a Nightwing title, Jason Todd is doing the same in Red Hood and the Outlaws, and Tim Drake leads the Teen Titans as Red Robin. All the while Damian Wayne remains Batman’s current sidekick primarily featured in the DC Comics Relaunch’s new Batman and Robin title.

So, looks like Stephanie Brown as Robin has been written out in the DC Comics Relaunch. Pre-Flashpoint she was the fourth Robin and Damian was the fifth.

From Friday’s DC Comics Relaunch The New 52 panel, a discussion occurring each day of SDCC, it is indicated that Stephanie Brown will be back and part of the Batman-verse. DC co-publisher Dan Didio went so far as to indicate that he’s “a huge Spoiler fan”.

So, Stephanie Brown is coming back as Spoiler. However, if she wasn’t a Robin, was she removed as a Batgirl from continuity too?

All that said, even with four Robins in five years, one of which is his son, DC is stretching credibility and is counter to the relaunch mandate to makes its characters more hip and young; Batman seems a bit aged. Is he the elder statesman of the Justice League?

Whether Stephanie is or is not Robin, Batman still appears old in the new DCU. So, why not keep her as a Robin, even if for only a month or three story-wise? What’s the real difference between four or five Robins in five years story-wise? Nothing really.

Also, continuing to dance with Batman’s logic bomb that we explained in detail earlier, Dan Didio also joked on Friday that being a “Robin” is like an internship since there has been four different ones over five years. Alrighty then….

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